Makes you wonder, why we are really here doesn’t it?

Welcome to November 1st, 2021 folks. Fall is really upon us and winter will be soon also. Time continues to tick on no matter what we do doesn’t it, we get older by the second and the world keeps spinning the best it can. When your been on the world for 65 years like me, you will understand thereis not much that cansurprise you anymore. I have seen the good times, the bad times, the busy times and the loneliness times too. We tend to find a way to survive all of them, if we try.

Ok, the house is closest I have ever seen itto being emptied and done and going up to sale as can be. I have some items to give away yet that must go, so I will be looking for places that come get it with trucks. Then whatever I am taking with me will have to be put aside until I find aplace of my own to transport it all to.

A small place is all I really wnat for me, one where i can sleep, eat and watch tv and do my laundry and cook and read. Otherwise not much more do I need I don’t need to be doing yard work and maintenance stuff these days, I am getting old. So I am figuring a mobile home in a senior, 55 or older community fo rme. A Place to park my vehicle, and a place to park myself as needed, and dependab;le transportation to the Doctors and stores and such is all.

I hope I can find one and get a loan to buy it soon. I am contacting a Veteran’s Organization for that purpose hopefully I will get word soon. On ward and upwards is what I say, anyway. Not much more I can do except get up daily and try to find aplace to live and move on to. I look and hope is all and then will apply and see what happens.

For 28 years I lived with my wife who passed in August and never had to worry about where i lived or how or anything. With her passed and me on my own it will be rough to start over, at 65 years old. I have been lucky, I havea sister who is very helpful and is working with me to get to the end of it all here. The Lawyers are working on the probate ffrom my wife’s death. It has to clear thecourts and the Trust Fund must be reset before I am done there. I have herc ar to sell and the house as soon as I can before I can move on anyway.

Well, in the end here, I did all I could for my wife as I stated before in my blogs and in person to any who know me. I did a proper burial and goodbye for her also and got her a headstone and more. I shall love her till I die of course, but, I shall have to carryon till I join her one day. When that shall be I do not know.

For now I shall go day by day, moment by moment is all. It is what mankind does daily in their own way, eachof us anyway. I am reminded when I think of how we work, how similar to ants we are.Like the ants we are born and then scurry through life doing daily tasks and missions so to say and rush to and fro to our homes/ ant hills and work. In the end we do what we can to make it through tillwe die, we don’t know the big purpose we are here for, we just do, till we expire or die. In many ways we are like the ants of the world we look down upon daily, only difference is we can make choices better and we live longer. We have the ants below our feet and never look and see them mostly, and we scurry to and fro like they do on this big planet we call earth.

We are almost the same as the ants of the world folks, except we are intelligent and stand up straight. We scurry for food and work and we nest in our homes, so do they. FUnny how when one stops to think about life, it is all the same from the small ants to us. Makes you wonder, why we are really here doesn’t it?

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