If I get lucky!

Recently, I have begun to search for a couple of things I need. My wife died in August or 2021 from cancer, thus I can not stay in a four bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home alone. I am emptying the house and selling all I can of course and will sell the house in as is shape. On top of that I face the need for a new vehicle that is dependable and AWD for foul or winter weather conditions. What I am finding is both car dealers and realtors have something in common they both try to upsale you and push you to buy fast. I am not in too big a hurry so I catch them in the act and walk away, laughing at them in some way. I suppose it is their job to do so, but they should realize not all people are gulliable or easy marks.

Anyway I continue to search for a decent condo and a decent vehicle slowly now. I have looked at some places online and one in person. Then, I have also start comparing certain vehicles to one another, like the Kona to the HR-v and so on. I want a vehicle that will handle snow and ice and that is economical too for gas prices. A place to live isa second thing, because I am lookinhg fora condo or a mobile home that is worth purchasing and owning. I am not interested in a home or mobile home that is large or huge or out of shape in someway, l ikeneedinga roof or windows. I want aplace that is in shape and will not need major repairs at all fora long while.

Each day is an adventure in finding these things for sure. Realtors want to sell so bad it is killing them, and so are car dealers. It is indeed a sellers market right now, which makes it rough on us buyers who need places or vehicles. Time will tell, what I happen to do next, for my searches have begun in full.

As to a place to live,I am limiting myself to a budgeted price and the same with the car or vehicle. I am also only looking for the place to live in a limited area, of course. Each day isa eoll of the dice in finding something that will work for me a singole man once more and widower.

Anyway, life is still pressing on and time does too it seems, nothing stops for any reason. Life they say, is but a game and they let it slip away, Seals and Crofts sang that as a verse in a song they did. it applies to each day we live, even if we don’t want it to.

I pray I can find a decent p-lace to live and a decent vehicle i can afford so I still have money left for my future. One day at a time is all anyone can do these days. If I have any luck, I will be fine otherwise I may have to wait a bit.

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