Time shall tell, of course!

Welcome to November 3rd, 2021 all! The first frost has hit now here in New England! It will indeed get chilly for sure, always does in New England each year we experience the weather changes. Sooner or later the weather goes cold in November and the snow comes, at us.

Well, for me November is a lousy month as is December really, I have never been a big holiday person, and they tend to depress me some each year. When you end up not celebrating holidays like i do, ypu tend to stay alone a lot, depression can get you unless you sleep through it all or find other things to do.

I am currently working overtime in trying to keep my mind busy, so I don’t get depressed due to my wife passing in August, from Cancer. The battle against cancer took us through the last sixteen years of her life, and sadly as all know she lost that battle. That has left me alone in the world with the exception of my sister and her man. So, it is now one step at a time for me each day.

The House in Connecticut is now almost emptied, with the exception of a few remaining items I need to remove or take with me. It will now depend on where i live and what I live in as to what I take with me. The size of my next residence will determine that for me, as I search.

I have been looking for a condo or a mobile home in a 55 plus community. I don’t need a big space for myself as an individual, but I do want a place in good condition and no major repairs, period, and less maintenance then a regular home. I don’t, want to have to do hard work anymore, I am 65 now. A Widower my age shouldn’t be doing that kind of work anymore.

I am currently searching slowly fora new home so i can finish the old one being cleaned out and cleaned up and sold as fast as possible. I would like one big enough to have a office anda bedroom, living room, kitchen and area and a full bathroom of course. I am not looking for expensive or unreasonable prizes either, the market is a sellers market these days for sure.

I like the area of Bristol County, Mass. here, it seems friendly and quiet. Peace is what I seek for my final days so to say as i age. Do I care if it i a mobile home or a condo, not really, I just don’t want attached to another building, such as townhomes do. A lil space goes a long way for me. I like some privacy and Ilike a lil room but not too big interior. I will probally furnish brand new in my own style for a single man. The way I see it I may need a living room set, a eat in kitchen set I have if needed and I also have a full bedroom set if i want to keep it.

Life still goes on for me and I must prepare for being here a while. I have no idea how long I have left at 65 years old, but, I do know i don’t want to be a burden on anyone. I want my independence, as long as i am capable of caring for myself, period.

Being a disabled veteran, I have the Veteran’s Administration for help and medical problems which I am sure I will be using. I am lucky in the way, I served for 16 years in the service and i am covered by them if needed. I will also be buried by the Service I am sure, I have appeoval for it all, from them. My job nowiis to live out my remaining years in the best way I can, it should be time for me to have some fun and do as i want. Time shall tell of course, but who knows what the fates, destinies and the Good Lord have, in store for me.

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