Do we save Democracy and our Republic or not?

November 4th, 2021, in New England the land is frosted over here! The temperature when I woke today was 28 degress and overcast outside. The seasons are changing again as we head towards a winter once more. Halloween flew by it seems and off to winter we go.

In the meantime, my search for a new place to live continues, and so does the emptying of the old home in Connecticut. I have to finda place to be now first and foremost, then go finish the house in Connecticut and put it up for sale. All takes time, and at this point in time the rush is not on as of yet, although I have what i need to buy a new place for myself now.

I am debating with myself as to where I wish to live and in what style. I want peace and quiet yes, but I also want to be able to interact with others my age at least. I am thinking of 55 plus communities to live in and looking at condos and mobile homes that will be affordable. Without my wife or anyone else in my life a mobile home may be the way to go, less work to it, easier to maintain. Being 65 and a widower now, I really don’t need or want anything major, to live in or to work on, I am not interested in doing too much work.Upkeep and maintanence is not something I will love to do, when you reach 665 you have had enough of it, if you get my idea here.

Everything since my wife’s death has been a day to day affair for me. At times it feels like i am walking thru a dense fog, and at other times it feels like time is speeding too fast for me. I hada lifestyle with my wife, we shared of peace and quiet and we talked and watched television together and more. Now it is me alone and I hate being alone and miss her deeply. I only hope I can continue on and live the rest of my life well and be happy again at some point. Life is meant to be lived of course, and my intention is to live it well if at all possible.

The sad part I am noticing in America today as my life goes on, is that Americans don’t seem to care about anyone else except themselves these days and they are greedy and selfish to a point, that they hurt others. Look I understand you want yours, but, in the end, why, be greedy over it all. Not every American is rich or well off, prices are rising, people will need housing, heat and food and more, is there really a reason why the rich can’t help the poor and equal it out to a point no one dies of hunger or homelessness in America?

Politics in America is a mess also, what I am seeing is ultra liberalism and ultra conservatism, founda moderate course please and set one for the people who elected you politicians and lets move ahead. Passa damn budget that works, pass an infrastructure bill that works, help the poor and needy and lets get on with it. Otherwise I think it doesn’t matter which party you belong to, if you dont do your damn job, you should be voted out of office and fired period. Some politicians have spent most of their life in Office and are so set in their ways they don’t listen to the people anymore or do their jobs, we should vote them all out of office.

Well let me close by saying this today, in the past great empires like the Aztecs, the Mayas, the Romans and yes even the germans have fallen flat and disappeared. Is America the next great civilization to head to it’s demise? Are we the American People about to kill our own form of government, and our own style and type of life off? We are on the verge of destroying ourselves as a nation and a country, and we do not even realize what we are doing to our Republic and Democracy as alifestyle in the world and here at home! I pray that more will see what is happening and work to better the country, instead of destroying it, as is happening now. All, seem to forget we are a democracy all voices get heard and should be heard and the majority should rule, but we must guard against autocracities, tyrants etc. Communism is not going anywhere folks it will be here forever in the world, but, do we want it in America, I think not. So, shouldn’t all politicians be working together to better our democracy and keep our republic strong?

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