Maybe Consideration is what is Lacking!

November 5th, 2021, awoke to 30 degree weather outside today at 7;06 am, talk about chilly. Frost is covering everything, outt here and even a chill has seeped into the house. Seems, Mother Nature and Father time are in tune for the winter to be heading our way soon enough.

My search for a new home is still happening here in Massachuetts, Bristol County area. I did obtain a preapproval letter from a loaner so I am looking now. I do have some questions on what I can buy under it though so I will call them sometime today for that. I don’t neeed a big place, I prefer a smalle rone for myself, I was looking at mobile homes because they are smaller and more affordable, and i believe i can handle a 55 plus community type setup, because I am 65 now. But I will have to call the loaner to see if it is possible otherwise I must search for a condo type place.

As to the house in Connecticut, it is currently on hold, till I find a place to bring what I need to. I need to empty it still the rest of the way, probally donating what is left to charities or organizations to help others, like the Veterans. I hope to get it on the market this month, soon enough if i can, but time shall tell.

I also need a new vehicle when possible. I would like a SUV of somekind a small one with AWD. I have examined and looked at Honda’s HR-V and Hyuandai’s Kona for starters. I will hold off on the vehicle I think until I secure a place to live. Unless a great deal comes along of course.

Well, time is now flying by day by day here. Each day seems long and to me boring at times. I miss my wife who died August 10th, from cancer, but I also know i am still here on earth and have to carry on, on my own. Sadly, there may never be someone else in my life like my wife was for me, we did it all together.

I have made few changes since she passed, preparing the house and emptying it is one thing, I am close now. Once that is done, and the carpets cleaned i shall get a Realator and sell it outright as is. In the meantime, I am staying at my sisters with her and her man. I will drive down and work on the house as i can. At some popint I need to get a Uhaul to bring what I need to Mass, when i find a place. Everything must be done in steps in order for it all to work out, correctly.

I have been frugal up until now as to what I came do so far. I bought a new Chrome Notebook I am using and now a new Iphone when it arrives today sometime. I don’t plan on going crazy in buying items just what I need as i go along and find a place to settle into.

The economy sucks for those of us stuck on budgets and benefits to live. Prices rise but income to survive does not. So, life goes on and being frugal is what I must be. I am hoping the governemnt can see a way to bring inflation down once more, but time shall tell folks. Congress needs to get it’s shit in one bag and fix the situation for all of us who are middle income and below, fast. If they don’t, I recommend we remove those blocking it from happening from office and elect new people to do so, fast. 2022 will be upon us fast, and if America doesn’t get with the times and fix it’s economy we can go the route of the Romans and others who perished from the planet, as empires that failed.

The Covid fight continues daily in the world, as different companies produce vaccines and pills for it. Each of us who get vaccinated, saves ourselves as well as possibly those we love around us. I know there are many who won’t get vaccinated for personal reasons, like it’s there body and no one should tell them what to do with it and thats their right of course. Sadly, they don’t seem to consider others around them, includingtheir own families and relatives when they do so. Yet they have the right, and do as they please, good luck to them I say.

Each morning I hear about murder trials, deaths, cancer fights, and politics on tv news. It seems to me the stories of bad news heavily outweigh the good news ones. Isn’t there a news agency, or station out there that can produce more positive news then negative news, these days. All the negative news is depressing and sad, and affects all Americans and their mental status. Do the news Agencies know how the reporting of the negative or bad news affects the mentality and emotional well-being of all Americans, do they ever consider that? Maybe consideration is what is lacking in America’s Society, in all areas, such as the Covid Vaccination situation, the news reporting and more?

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