IT is What Life is About!

Sunday is upon us folks, November7th, 2021. Sunday in many homes at this time of the year is football day, NFL Games begin at 1 pm. I usually watch them if I can, if I can’t then I track the scores. It is one of my favorite things to follow in this time of year.

Anyway, my search for a condo or home in the area continues. I went to look at one and all it was, was a glorified apartment being sold as a condo. It should be illegal for Real Estate Agents to list them that way. Rent it don’t list it as a condo for sale for freak sake, it isa disgrace and a waste of time for a buyer to look at it.

I search for a condominium that is decent and fair priced in the area I am in in Bristol County around Rehoboth, Taunton, Attleboro, Mass area. I saw one since I started looking and it went fast. I want a seperate building and a garage if possible and if possible one floor. But I will settle for two floors if the price and size and location are right. Being a widower it is not easy to find a decent place to live in such a manner, people want too much, for much less, than I want. Anyway it seems to me that finding a place in this Bristol County of Massuechuetts will not be easy. Many are looking and the places come and go exteremly fast on the market these days. Time shall tell I know that much, it will take a bit of time to find a decent place.

I have been asked since my wife’s death in August if i will ever look for anew woman in my life or heard it asked about me. I don’t believe I will anytime soon. Dating woulod not be something I look fiorward to at this time at all. I don’t wnat to say absolutely no, but I can say so far I am alone and trying to get used to it once more and find myself.

In meantime I am trying to sell all I had in the house with my wife, to ready it for sale. I want to remove all items and then clean the carpets and sell it as is. Hopefully all shall workout correctly, soon enough. Again time shall tell, but as my dad used to say, if you put ypour mind to it, to do it, you will get to it if you stick with it. Dad was usually right!

As I age I tend to think back over my life, I am now 65. Have I done all I want to do yet, that is still a question to be answered if you ask me. I tend to wonder at times if I have done enough and did it well enough. Usually I end up telling myself i am a work in progress and have a way to go yet. It is what life is about is it not? I think so!

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