Thoughts,Covid, and Politics, and Compromise!

Monday is upon us folks, it is now November 8th, 2021. time stops for no one, and Mother Nature and Father Time are in a constant struggle for superiority. It is the time of year when seasons change, cold sets in and mother nature takes over. We tend to survive it in someway, every year in New Englad here in the states and many love the change of seasons that happen. Some are born and bred in New England and we enjoy or withstand it well during winter, others have to move to warmer climates.

Well, it is one day at a time still for me. I am searching for a new home in Massachuetts, and it is a slow process. Limitations always come into play when your 65 and you have to go by the rules of the loan your able to attain. I suppose in order to do what I want it will take time to find a decent place for myself. I need a small one bedroom or two bedroom condo or house. I was going to do a mobilehome, but, the loan company won’t allow it.

Life is not the same without my wife of course, changes need to be made. She is gone and now I must survive and sell all I have to keep going and make a life for myself. The house is close to empty in Connecticut and now, my search for a new home is in full swing. I am hoping to find a place then finish the house off, and move on soon enough.

Is there a life left for me out there, I am hoping so. Time shall tell of course, I keep going one day at a time, which seems like the best way to go for me. When I stop to think of my wife and her being gone it slows me down and makes me sad of course. I only hope at some point it will get easier and the teardrops will stop coming and so will the pauses I keep having now a days. I keep being told it shall get easier with time, but, how much I have no idea now. I know in two days, my wife will have been gone now 90 days, and the memories come back to me. I do miss her deeply, but I also know, I have no choice in carrying on alone for now.

Next subject for going over the samething can be boring and depressing for me. Covid 19 keeps raging across the land, although the vaccines are slowing it somewhat. I understand some do not want the vaccine, but, in the end it is what is keeping more of us alive and healthy then not. Some like Arron Rodgers, did not get the vaccine and got the virus now and time will tell what happens in his case. What the NFL will do with Rodgers over the issue is still a question for all to watch. I guess fines and maybe suspension or some such discipline will happen.

Next is the murder trials and violence in America. Listen folks, let me say this stop it. I don’t care who you are, what color you may be, what nationality you are, your American period. If you don’t like someone or something walk away folks, don’t shoot people or knife people or kill people, please. We go through seeing and hearing reports of these violent acts on television in commercials, or newscasts or in programs and people tend to copy them. Look, violence is so prevalient in America and it’s media that it is infecting our mentality and the way we behave daily. The carry over is sad and damaging to human life in America and it makes it unsafe on our streets daily. We need to stop showing violence on television and in movies too, children see it and it affects how they think and act in our society.

Politics in America is a mess folks. Let me say something here for all who are into it, we must stop the divide between the ultra right and the ultra left and find a medium groud so we can move our country forward again. The right is blocking all the left puts out and vice versa and it is causing a damn log jam in Washington, and in The House and The Senate. It is not what we elected these Senators and Representatives to do. We elect people to public office and positions of power so they can represent us and our opinions and ideas, not fight against one another on a regular basis. One word comes to mind for me as i think of this stuff, compromise. In life we all must compromise in someway to survive. Look you get in a relationship with a person you love or like and you learn one or the other must compromise for it to last. The same should be happening in Congress folks, do what is right for the country, it’s people you represent and compromise, because if you don’t you are a problem and you should either leave office or be removed by being voted out. Compromise is the status that needs to happen for America to move forward, the Republicans must compromise, the Democrats also must do the same. Otherwise, if no one compromises, nothing gets done, relationships break up and people go seperate ways and in the end nothing advances or helps the people you and I. I be 65 years old folks, one lesson I have learned in two marriages, you want it to work, compromise!!!!!!!!! Please learn the lesson now and we will all be better off if the Republicans and Democrats get the idea!.

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