Why does mankind destroy?

Time waits for no one, and it doesn’t matter what your circumstances, or anilities or wnats or needs are. As humans we can only control what we do in life while we are here on this planet, we have no control over time, or mother nature for that matter. Seems we age, we grow old, we face illnesses and loses, and we will either wake up the next day or we won’t. Is there a ppurpose for us in all there is?

Humans face this question daily when our eyes open and we are still breathing. We know we have to get up and get moving and we do daily if we can. We search for what we need to do next each day, and then we do it! Then there comesa time when we can no longer do so, and we like the trees and other live things on earth, start to fade into a non-existanse. Why is that so, that is the real question is it not? Why are we, the human race here on earth and what is our real purpose, someone should tell us, so we do not roam aimlessly about and do nothing important.

Some have a belief, of, live life to the fullest, do what you wnat while here and enjoy. Others look fora purpose for their life and reach out and help others, or some destroy, because they believe it is their purpose in life. There are so many answers to the question of why humankind is here on earth, we may never know for sure.

Are we made in God’s image, or are we a mico-orgasm living in a worldwe have no idea about and we see as huge. Ants have the same problem if you watch them a bit, they go about digging any hills, taking care of their Queens and bringing her food and more. We tend to be like ants, except we don’t live in the ground but on it. We scavage, we hunt, we search and we roam. We interact with one another just as ants do with one another. The amazing thing is we never stop to see the similarities between us and the ants of the world, do we?

What makes us different is one thing, we seem to have intelligence and a purpose beyong what the ants have. We reach for the stars, we run and jump and play and laugh and cry, out loud for the world to see, and judge us. Do the ants get judged also, i sometimes wonder and if so by who?

Earth has provided us with an atmosphere and owygen to survive and water too. Yet mankind is too greedy to see what itis doing in raping the planet and polluting the atmosphere we so desperately need to survive and it lakes and oceans too. Why, don’t we realized we are killing ourselves slowly overtime and stop what we are doing? If we did humans could last a while on earth, maybe even until we can reach a new planet to survive elsewhere. The sciencetist seem to understand it all, the average human being doesn’t as of yet, so we go on raping, pillaging and using up the planet, till at some point we will have no place left to live anymore. Eart may end up like MArs and other worlds a desolute, planet with no real life on it, why because mankind, yes us hiumans don’t think of what we are doing, or are too greedy and selfish we use up everything we can. A husk of a planet will have no atmosphere for humankind, no oxygen for us to breath, or water to drink or food left. What then mankind, where do we go then? It has been said, mankind, humanity is the most intelligent species on the planet, if so why can’t we see we are using up all the resources the planet offers and ultimately killing ourselves off and the planet too?

We need noursement, we need water, we need air to survive. Mankind has attacked each of those resources in such a way that they are diminishing at a greater rate then they can replensh themselves. If mankind wants to survive and havea world to stay alive on with all we need to live then we need to save the atmospege, the food chain and the water supplies we have. mankind needs to wake up and realize we are killing our planet and ourselves off, slowly over time and we will have no place to go, or way to reach a new planet, will we? We can’t even spy upon or find a planet that will support our form of life as of yet, so why are we using up, and destroying what we have now?

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