90 Days after!

November 10th, 2021 is upon me, and I have now been without my wife for 90 days. Sadly her passing ha sleft me searching for what to do next, one day at a time. MY coping skills are hetting pushed to their limits for sure as I work to empty the house, prepare to move and look fora new place to live.

I know for me I can not stay in the place she died in an dit bothers me when I do. Memories come flooding back at me and it is hard to get away from them, so I have no choice in what I am doing, which is looking fora new place to live. Some may be able to stay in the place they were at when their spouse died, I am not one of them.

Anyway my search fora new home is taking sometime due to restrictions on loan requirements and such. I wanted to do a mobile or manufactured home then was told no, by the lender. So looking fora solid condo in my price range in the area I want may take a good time, period. DO I need big, no I don’t a one bedroom/bathroom condo would do me fine ora townhome. I can only keep searching for one right now and hope i find one affordable and in a decent neighborhood.

I am also looking at getting a AWD SUV of some sort in the near future. My Ranger pick-up uses far too much gas at today’s prices and i would rather pay fora SUV that is a compact then keep paying so much for gas in today’s economy. Life is not getting easier or better for one on a fixed budget these days.

Food and housing costs are rising as is fuel costs to stay warm, clothing and so much more. Sadly, America is not doing as good as it should due to economic crisis time.

Anyway, time is ticking each dya away and i am growing older it seems. Time waits for no one or for no rerason either, neither does Mother Nature give up any control. In the past some have said Adam and Eve had the longest relationship ever, I disagree, Mother Nature and Father Time have the longest ongoing ever.

I wake each dya and wonder what to do next as i search house listing in the area i want, and then look at vehicles too. Not a good enviroment right now to do so in for sure. I couldn’t control it though and can’t still, no one could control when my wife would die except the Good Lord. And he did.

I have had people related to my wife, who died, asking why I do not talk to them or bother with them. I can honestly say, they don’t care about me or how I am doing, they were only interested in what they could get, once my wife died. Well, they have been given all they will get now and time marches on, not a one of them bothered to call me and say thank you for all I gave them, or to check on me. So I shall carry on the best I can alone, is all I can say.

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