Saturday is now Underway! Thoughts

Saturday November 13th, 2021, has begun, I awoke around 6 am today and it is chilly and wet out, but not raining right now. I stumbled out of bed and downstairs to get coffee of course, after dressing.

In a way I am looking forward to taoday, for I am going to go look at a few condos. I am hopeful of finding one I can live in, comfortably and with enough room for me as a man. I need internet access and cable tv, in it, a bathroom, with shower and such and a fully appliances kitchen. I want a 2 bedroom, so I can have a seperate office for my computer in it from my bedroom I sleep in. A eat in kitchen area will work, laundry on premises, and a living room area. That way I can seperate the bill paying from the house an dmy internet useage also. I doubt very much if i will be entertaining people, for I know no one in my area so I will have to get used to living alone again. Yes,I need to restart living again,soon!

I miss my wife and always will, and I am in no rush for any involvcements at this time, plus being a widower, I have no expectations either for a relationship right now or thoughts of one. I just want peace, comfort, warmth, and a place of my own to enjoy and be able to go out if I want to shop, walk or go visit my sister. Once I find a place it will take a little bit of time to furnish it and set it up the way I want and need it. I don’t want clutter anymore or saving things I don’t need, just what I use and need.

The house i shared withmy wife, our home will be empty soon enough, it is close now to being done. I want to sell all I can yes, but I also, want to get what I can for it. Enough I hope to pay for a condo I want and furnishings for it. Clean, new and in the end comfortable and safe. I hope that is not asking for too much from the Good Lord.

I know once i do find a place and move in and finish setting up a new home, I will probally be exploring the area and trying to find things to do and places to enjoy. I am not a drinking person, but I like to get out once in a while for fun and to be around others.

Vehicles, will be on my list of things to find too, as I will probally get a AWD SUV of some kind. I have been looking at them, Honda and Hyundia both come to mind, a HR-V or a Kona. Once I move all I need and settle in I will probally buy one or the other for dependable transportation to Doctors and more. I have plans of course, it is taking time for any of them to happen now and time is not what I havea lot of in my book. I am 65 years old, and I don’t want to bea burden to anyone who knows me at all. I can take care of myself once I am settled in for sure. Life has given me a twist and turn I never expected at this time, when my wife died. I never expected it so soon and it hurt me, depressed me and is taking me time to recover and accept it all. I hope I can handle it well enough to carryon, till my own end comes. I have a Living Trust that is currently in effect and a new one coming since my wife died. I also have the Veteran’s Administration to bury me when I die, next to my wife, in military style. I don’t expect anyone to be there when it happens,I have never been close to many, in my life.

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