Neither an ex-President, or a common citizen is above the laws of the land.

I find it intensely foolish and stupid of the Trump Followers like Steve Bannon, and others who may face prison time, fines and more for contempt of congress for refusing to testify at the January 6th, Hearings. Why do I find it foolish and stupid on their part it is simple, it will cost them thousands of dollars to keep themselves out of prison and their reputations to support and back Donald J. Trump, and Trump will not repay them or pick up their legal costs, nor will he stand up and stop their arrest. Sadly, Trump doesn’t care about Bannon, or anyone else who supports his cause which is a lie of course for he can never overthrow Biden’ Administration, nor can he use an Executive Privilege he does not have anymore to save them. As they face charges in courts and arrest, Trump sits home and watches it all, yelling the election was rigged or stolen and he lost by such a large margin it is crazy to say otherwise. Others are going under too as time goes on, as we all will see.
Rudy Giuliani for one is in the biggest mess of his life right now due to Trump and Rudy supporting him. He is facing charges and has lost his right to practice law in New York and other places. Yet these men and people want to back Trump still and blindly follow him, for what reason? Someone tell me please? Because, Rudy was once a great man and politician, loved and respected in New York and across the United States now people shake their head, and laugh at him. It is sad thing to see for sure. Trump Chief of Staff, for his presidency will most likely face the same as Bannon, Mark Meadows is going down the same road ignoring Congressional Subpoenas. These are men who worked all their lives to build reputations and careers, and they are throwing them away, for Trump, and going to end their lives in disgrace, standing by a disgraced, twice Impeached ex-President? Sad indeed! I remind all, Trump has no Executive Privilege Powers, he is an ex-president who failed at all he touched and did. So why do all this protection of Trump and risk prison, fines and more for a twice Impeached and Disgraced Trump? I don’t know for sure, but there is a point one must push aside any loyalty and support for such a man, to save ones own life and reputation. That’s my belief!

How long can Trump keep up his pretense of his big lie? How long will Americans and the American Government back or allow his lies to exist without stepping in to stop it all? The Justice Department is working at it now I am sure under Mercek Garland, as shown by the arrest for not answering Congress. It is in my opinion foolish for grown men and women who fought all their lives to be heard, respected and to build decent reputations, to put all of it on the line for Trump. You are throwing your whole life’s work aside and your reputations too, for what purpose, to support Trump? That folks is a sad, sad fact these individuals should face and realize.

I believe and I think most Americans want the truth about January 6th, and all that happened. I encourage the January 6th Committee to find all the facts and reveal it all to Americans everywhere. If they don’t Trump, may attempt to run again and destroy America! We have had now 46 Presidents in America, of those 46, not a one before Trump or after incited a riot and attempted a coup because he lost the election, Who is going to pay for the repairs to the Capital, it’s buildings and it’s priceless art work? Tell me folks, is it right to participate in such an act against the American Government, led and incited by the sitting President at the time? I think not!

My blogs are my opinions and I wish to state that upfront. They are not anyone else’s. I feel this way and I have the right to free speech to do so too. Now some will disagree and attack this blog or what I say in some way, but in the end I have had my say on this subject more than once. So God Bless All and I hope Congress Indicts and Arrests each person who refuses to testify before it, for no man, whether an ex-President, or a common citizen is above the laws of the land.

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