November 27th, 2021, my thoughts now!

Just ME

November 27th, 2021 is upon me, I awoke around 7 am today. I have a new profile pic as you can see above here. Each day is like an adventure to keep myself going sine my wife died back on August 10th 2021. Yet I awake daily and push through the memories and theb, try to complete what I need to do each day. It is not easy being alone, after a twenty eight year relationship, I try to push through the memories and the reminders that best I can, that’s for sure.

The home we shared and lived in together is getting very close to being emptied now and is on the housing market. Her car sits in front of the house and I think no one realizes she is gone really, except myself, and the main family members we both had and have now. Well, yesterday, I received a phone call,from the man who made our headstone. He has finished his job and it is now in place. If Anyone wishes to see it, you may go to my Facebook Page, where I posted it for all to see. I can now honestly say, I did all I could for my wife, and although I wish she was still with me, I have to accept the facts and miss her and then carry on. Life is this way and I have no real choice, unless suicide interferes in how long I am here, alive I sought and received help for depression and help from my sister and her man, so I am still here. I am finding things, pop up that remind me of my wife, our life together and more, so it is an emotional roller coaster for me. Yet I am still alive and she is gone, we fought cancer together for her and myself, she ultimately lost her battle and I somehow, someway am still here.

My battle now is with selling the home and her car and paying her estate taxes and finding a place for myself to live next. It has been one day at a time, one item at a time to go through and toss, or sell and clean. Once I get past the sales and property and car sales and I find what I need to live on, I can then begin to look for a companion, a partner and a safe place to live my life out. I only seek what my wife always told me, live my life to the fullest, enjoy myself, be comfortable and be active at all times. God Bless her, I miss her big time.

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