Unfullfilled Dreams, Fates and Destinies!

Unfullfilled drreams happen in everyone’s life, don’t they? When we are young we make mistakes and bad decisions, then things don’t work out and you have to move on and start over. My life has been that way, from birth till today.

When I was born till I was 9 months old I have 199 seizures. My mother would run me to the faucet in the sink and run water over my head to stop them. Then, my older brother decided he wanted to play or something one day, and took the tray off my high chair and I tumbled to the floor on my head. No more seizures for me, the fall caused a small flap in my brain to reseat itself and reconnect stopping all seizures. Funny how things happen isn’t it.

I fought my parents and my mother all my life till I turned into a teenager. But the road to that point was always rocky for me, I never fit in at home or school. In the end at 10 I was given over to the State, as a ward of the state by my mother, because she said she couldn’t handle me and needed help. Two years later, I was released and set home. IT didn’t stop the battle with my mother at all, we still fought over my wanting to know who my real father was. So a few years later on, I finally solved that one too the year I turned 18. I got on a buss and wentt o see my reral father, and that solved it for me, till, mom found out and decided to drive down and see him herself. In the end, my father finally told my mother to never return. So problem solved. See life is in stages and based on events and thoughts we do not control, but we live through because the good lord wants us to and he directs it, without us knowing why. I have always believed and I will till I die, that we do not control our fates, or destinies, the Good Lord does and in the end he put each of us here for a purpose and mission we do not know, but we do fullfill before we leave.

Life is stages folks, and purposes we do not know we have to do or fullfill. I know it sounds crazy, but stop and see it for yourself, think it over. Life is precise and it is also full of ups and downs, ins and out, pleasures and pains and we work to maintain and keep going daily. I hope that makes sense.

I write blogs about many subjects whenever the subject pops up in my mind and I feel Ineed to voice it in someway or form for all to read. Thisi such a blog.

I wonder at times, what would I be, how it would be, if I had made different choices or spoke up. How those choices would affect us all, and in the end how it would have affect me and my life.

What would have happened, like the What If, stories in Marvel Comics, lol! But, this is reral life and i have learned no matter how different or what decisions you make in life, there rerally is no way to turn back time or to change the past.

Each person we meet in life, we do so for one reason or another and that my friends is not controled by us as human beings, it is a complicated thing in life. I won’t ever deny or not believe in fates, or destinies, but Father Time and Mother Nature are beyond our control. I don’t control destinies or fates, I just accept them.

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