For that is all I need now.

You begin to understand as you go thru your 60;s if you live that long that time stops for no one and for all of us humans we are alloted only so long on this planet. While time will always be infinite, we are finite and due to pass.

Now, that said we also learn as we age a few other facts, the younger generstion will never understand until they get there. 1) Our physical strength will go down. 2) Our emotional prowess will decrease also with age. 3) As our friends, famiilies or spouses pass, the burden of caring for them and trying to keep them with us, takes away from us. Basic facts right there folks, so you all can understand.

We reach points in life, all has to change for us. We have to give up things we don’t want to, we have to downsize, even when we hate to. Belongings, and more must go to live in smaller places, big houses must be sold, for a single person can’t afford them along and has no purpose for them. You begin to realize as you move on after the passing of a spouse and the kids are gone, it is time to downsize everything you have to fit it all in a smaller space to live. Inevitably life has it’s cycles, you can’t change it you see. You have the birth to teen years, learning, growing, making and choosing friends and family that takes care of you. Then you have the years when you begin to work and learn independence and steady out some as an adult. Then you enter the ok, what I call the 25 to 50 stage. Rushing to and from, raising your own children and creating your own home with the spouse you love. As your fifties hit you start to notice a few things, your less active, you want comfort and in the end peace with the spouse you married. By 60 you are dealing with your own and your spouses illnesses and maladies. Then in your sixties you begin to realize one of you can die or pass away from almost anything so it is, will time, trust times and you start your own preperation for your own passing. Life is the same cycle for all of us, the day bears on us, the cold, the heat, the rain the snow, gravity and more. We are not built to last forever folks, we are like a machine, with durabilty yes, but we tend to push ourselves beyoond our own means, and try to show our pride and strength and do it all on our own. We can’t and ultimately we learn that folks.

At 65 I am now at the what I call close to the closing stages of this process I believe. I have served my parents as a child, I have served my country for 16 years in three different branches, Army, Army Nationl Guard and Navy. I served my first wife as her spouse and father to my children the best I could. Then I served my second wife for 28 years and took care of her, provided for her and in the end buried her too. Now all the belongings are gone from my home it is empty, the last dumpster of stuff is done, and waiting for pick-up. The for sale sign is on the house. And I am now being helped by my younger sister and her man to adapt to a new life and move on alone for my final years. These are called cycles folks and we live through them, you may not realize what they are as you do, but that is what we live through. May the good lord protect all and keep all safe, and bless me with a ending time to my life, that keeps me comfortable safe and allows me to die without pain, For that is all I need now.

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