A Christmas Season of Brightness, and Joy for all Men, Women, Girls and Boys!

OK, December 6th is upon us, and the Holiday Season is coming into it’s full bloom very soon now. The songs are being played since Thanksgiving, The lights have been popping upall around. The stores are being used yes, but not loike before the economic problems in the USA have started. Gas prices rose, food cost has risens, and more, Christmas this year will be tough for many families. I just hope and pray it will turn around for all involved and get better quickly.

For me there is a waiting game now, as my home is empty an don the market, so, I have to wait it out and see what I get for it. Once that is done, I will pick and choose a condo to live in, up here, in Mass. I don’t want big, but I do want a fresh new start in a new area.

I can tell all one thing, as you grow older and you live in the same place over that time like we did, 21 years, do yourself a favor, if you don’t use it toss it out, it only collects and makes it a mess to clean up when one of the couple dies. IT took me numerous runs to GoodWill, three 20 yard dumpsters, numeroud runs to the Recycling Center and a 20 foot Uhaul Truck to get it all out. Work was like cray doing so believe me. Only one thing makes it all feel better when you finish such a project, you take the memories with you but not the baggage so to say.

Ok that is done and next is the selling of the house and I will keep in touch with the realitor and push her to show it more now. At the sametime I have to do the necessary things to move on. Looking at places to live, furniture to buy and set up, and yes in the end a new vehilcle for me. I want to set it up in such a way as I have all new, when I am done and on my own. Fresh and new is always important, when you are starting over after a lifetime with the one you married and loved is over.

I am disappointed in only one way now, since my wife’s death, but I had figured it would go the way it has, before she died. My wife woul dbe upset and angry over the fact her daughter and I are now estranged and not talking and the same for her grandchildren too. I can’t change it either and won’t try. I knew the daughter neve rliked me in the first plaxe and the kids well they will follow where ever the mother leads of course. MY deceased wife woul be madder than hell over the duaghters reastions and inactions during her dying and since. But, I just will carry on and take care of myself now.

Christmas LIghts are up and bright, and through it all is a shinning light, the light of God, the Light of Jesus, and in the end that life that keeps up alive, shines through. We go to and fro whether rain, sun or snow and live each day with a purpose and more. We know not how many Christmases we get in our life, but we do all we can to go on. We tend to find new friends, new lovers and companions and we tend to try to carry on. So, as the Christmas Season rolls in and the lights, lite up to the brim, the stores get busy and online items ship, remember to stop and smell the roses, remember the ones you always loved, who are here and are gone. Remember to live a full, happy life, remember to treat all you love just right, to all out there, who have a care, I wish all, A Christmas Season of Brightness and Joy, for all Men, Women, Girl and Boys!

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