We, America need to work together, or we shall fail!

OK December has become 7 days old today, and time marches on now. The Holiday Season has blossomed and lights be all around, happiness it seems is allowed. We are not all rich and the stores are having their problems, gas has fisen again and covid is running rapid. Seems to me it doesn’t matter who is President does it, we all suffer with the rest of the world now and with the economy for all. America has grown and risen and like many of the old greatest civilizations of the past, The Mayan, The Aztecs. The Romans, The INdians of the world, it looks like we have hit our peak, and are now on the decline. Great Nations last maybe 100 years or a lil better depending on how they react to time and conditions, America has reacted at time very well and at other times very poorly. These days it is in a flux of ups and down that will eventually drive the markets in the same way financially. Socially America is in a status of confrontations, bouts of anger and so many are afraid of what will come, or what will not come they stop and shake, and then restart to go on.

The only way this great nation, the greatest nation on planet earth coan continue to grow, prosper and exist, is to compromise, is to learn from others and to realize, we area nation driven by a military economy and might few on earth have ever seen. We need to use that again, for the building of military weapons and equiptment is what drives our economy. It always has and will, for that is how we really exist and sustain ourselves.

Way back, right after the Signing of The Declaration of Indepencance, the greatest leaders we had, THomas Jefferson, John Adams, Hamilton, Washington and others declared we werea new nation and we definitely survived based on their new ideas and ways. Ben Franklin, who wasa genuis in his own right, he invented so many things and ways to do things, stood up and said the following for all to hera loud and clear. We have a nation for the people, by the people and it is a republic, we shall have it only so long as we take care of it. Well, Ben was correct, we have had it now fora long time, in our history, but not as far as world history goes. We need to work at keeping our Democratic, Republic going or we shall slip down into a third worlds country in no time. We need to work at it, fight economic ruin, so it doesnt come, fight covid so we can wipe it out. Work to crerate a more perfect union and create jobs and grow our food again.

We are now too dependent on other nations for too much. OIl, Gas, prices soar, China makes all goods they can and sells them to us left and right. We need to create a economy based on manufacturing of electric vehicles, on more manufacturing of our own in all areas, The more America is self-suffincent the better we are. No Nation is an island of it’s own of course, but we need to be more logical and use common sense to stay alive, as a nation. Just like in life, when we lose a spouse or loved one in our families, we must adapt, change and downsize as necessary to keep going. All of us need to rrealize something else also. No president whether it was the First Washington, or the current Biden, can change everything and they are limited in powere to do so too, They must negoitate and work it out with Congress, both HOuse Senate and The House itself. We get into trouble, despair and problems and get landlocked and nothing moves forward, unless we the people make it so. Congress has been stuck and doing nothing for far too long now, it does not mean the Democrats are right, or the Republican either, it means they are being assine and stupid and have us in a holding pattern that is destroying the country, due to the fact neither side wanted to compromise and doesn’t understand they have to, for us to carryon as a nation.

So, let me say this to the American People, If you look north Canada, has Health Care for all, we don’t why? Why hasn’t the United States, sent a team of professionals and politicans to Conada and asked how they set up their healthcare for free for all and brought it to America? We should figure such things out and borrow what they have for their healthcare and then adapt it and adjust it for us. Why can”t Congress bring it here for all?

Look I know we pride ourselves on being the greatest nation on earth, but are we really that great when we can’t even feed our own people anynore, provide healthcare for all, or make sure all have jobs, get the homeless off our streets and in the end learn to compromise to do it? We have drug epicemics, we have homelessness, we have a faltering economy and no politician is concerend really, or else they would compromise and join forces to eliminate, eradicate and help America move on as whole.

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