Time stops for no one or reason!

Well, in life we all tend to move on, for many reasons, sometimes the reasons are not our own choice. For instance in my case, I became a widower when my wife died. So we all make decisions as to what to do next, with the life we have left. My choice has been to get out of the house and sell it and move to Massachusetts, and try to find a peaceful life for fun, for the end of my life. At 65, I don’t want to be over active, but, nor do I want to be boring and dormant, I hope that makes sense.

One thing I am learning as I am moving on, I am looking for how to meet new people in a new area at my age. I am looking for things to do out there, places to enjoy, as I sell my old home in Connecticut and look at condos here in Massachusetts. I am noticing Masachusetts has many venues and places to go to do things, but as a single widower I am at a stage of, what do I do on my own and I am hesitant to just go out alone. Yet I know, before,I would do single dances and such for fun. I was hoping to find a woman for companionship and to do things with, we both would like.

I joined Our Time and I have joined Zoosk also to look at profiles and chat online some with others .I am hoping at some stage or time I can chat with a woman who just wanted company, companionship and to enjoy life. Time shall tell I guess.

I like reading and music and puzzles. I like computers and games too. Movies, eating out and I like taverns like the Hillz in RI. I don’t have much knowledge of the area I am in currently, because i am trying to clear up all I need to move on so to say

I do like bowling, sports, the NFL, playing cards, and walking if it is not too cold. Malls are fun to walk for people watching too.

Just me being me I guess, I write too poetry and small stories at times, and of course my blogs. As humans we all need social interaction, friends and companions and we like company around us. I just hope at some point I shall find someone and see how it goes, no pressure, no demands and no rush really about anything, just having fun exploringa nd meeting people i hope. I also joined Meetup but, I havent used it as of yet, I may in the future for things to do.

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