So, Merry Christmas All and I wish all A Happy and Proftiable New Year too.

December 8th, 2021 has arrived folks, it seems to me the older I get the faster the calander goes by. Maybe I am not alone in this feeling for so many of us are trying to find ways to stay happy, content, and find things we enjoy and are comfortable in doing and with the people we like too.

Some lessons that need to be taught to some are very simple at times to learn, 1) Be kind to others, 2) Accept criticism Learn as you go and 4) Adapt and compromise. Now I am not perfect, no one is and many think they are when they are not. We tend to hold ourselves high and be proud and that is fine to do folks for your self-esteem all need to be proud of themselves, but when you think your always right and never wrong, your stuck and not learning anymore in life.

Life is meant to be lived and not just pushed through unhappily, or sad or in remorse, it is meant to be filled with people, laughter, love, fun, and joy. All of us have our ups and downs, our moments of despair and sadness we grieve, we get angry and then once we let it out we get back on our horse so to say and ride off into fun times. Life has to go that way folks, why, because when it doesn’t anymore, it is a pause that wastes time period.

At sixty five and headed for sixty six soon enough I have learned people are fussy, people are stubborn and set in their ways and some are bi-polar, some are mentally unstable or emotionally unstable too. It isn’t their fault in many cases, it is their past experiences they have lived through, the way they were taught and brought up. As kids we are so impressionable, we learn from our parents and anyone older than us, if we don’t have proper role models to learn from, things go sideways. I hope that makes sense to many, and some can read this and get what I am saying. I avoid confrontations, in my own way folks, once you pop off at me for being me without a good reason I can see and undertand, I will apologize for my part and move on, but don’t expect me to be the same around you. I do not take to unneccessaey attacks, nor do I care if your moody or upset, stop, think of what you are saying and doing, before you do it. For with me I may forgive once, but I will never forget. Part of living is being critsized, argued with and responding, it is really how you respond and react that counts, and what you will be remembered for.

That said as many know now, my wife died and I am now alone without female companionship and it gets hard when you are used to having it and suddenly don’t. There are times I wonder why the Good Lord took her from me, but, then I realize, she is better off without pain or suffering anymore now. Then I find myself thinking of her, and it saddens me some, but, how do I overcome it is the real question ,isn’t it?

Well, one must remember to move on, one must cry in private, and I do, I also know as i grieve there is still a world out there and i am still here, even if she is not. I didn’t lose my love for her, and I never will, I just need to live my life now to the fullest I can and carry on till my time comes.That my friends is my plan now.

Anyway the Christmas Season is upon us and the lites are lit everywhere you go. Money is tight and people try to do right, and that to me is bright. We laugh, we have fun, we cheer one another up and help one another through. I told some people once, Christmas is not about material things you recieve, although the gifts are now, material thing you don’t take to your grave with you, nor are you remembered for them once you go. You are remembered for how you treat others, how well you reacted or did not react toward others. The interactions of each day of your life is how you build your reputation and that is vital, if you care.

Some of us are givers and we tend to give until we can’t anymore and then some of us are takers, the reral question is, which are you? You don’t have to give money, or gifts, you don’t have to do a thing, for anyone in the Holiday Season, it is up to each of us. You can give help to others, talk through someone’s problems, guide them along the best way to live and love and be happy. There are so many things to do for sure, to make you life more fullfilling for you and others too.

So as this Christmas Season comes into effect and we head through to the next year, be positive, be true, help others through and that will come back to you! Happiness is not an illussion folks, it’s real, but it must come from in you, not from outside of you. Do what you love, be with people you love, avoid problem people who srruggle to be the center of attention and be yourself, you can’t be loved by all, it doesn’t work that way. What does work is, being true to thyself, being honest and polite and most of all not projecting your fears or anger, or pain on someone else. So, Merry Christmas All and I wish all A Happy and Proftiable New Year too. I am not rich, I am not poor but I can wish you all Happyiness, forever more!

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