A song or a poem, I do not know, just something that hit me so.


The room was dusky and the light not bright, 

The music was loud and not always right,

But the company was fun and to get it done,

Yes I continued, to hang on.

I stood alone on my own and watched the people go by,

So many faces, in so many places ,

Yes, you can see their feelings on their faces, in so many places.

The music came on, and the people began to sing,

In you walked and the sighs and ohs and ahs, begin,

Yes, indeed, you are  a stunning woman!

The stunning woman, who knows not what she is,

The woman who is,  au naturale.

Yes, Your a stunning woman, but do you know,

Yes stunning to me is what you be,

You take my breath away.

I know you would never see me,

I know your on a higher level than I,

Yet I know no matter where I be,

If you walk in, you are stunning to me!

A stunning woman of beauty and smiles, 

A stunning woman, who is herself,

That’s special, you stunning woman, believe me.

You’re  just stunning and special to see!

I know someday, one man will come,

He may be handsome, he may be strong,

He will scoop you up and carry you away,

I hope it makes you happy and gay,

And he makes you content each day, and night.

A woman with a smile and style and so stunning,

The men will surely come running.

Just be you and you will be fine,

Don’t pay attention to those who don’t treat you right,

Be the stunning woman you are, and you shall win the fight.

And find your happiness one night!

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