Warm Thoughts and Wishes for All From Me!

Let there be , what we all wish can be, A Happy Time of Year for you and for me! December brings thoughts of music and singing, choirs, and bells and then all the sweet and candy filled smells. It bring lights of all different colors, feelings and thoughts of family, sisters and brothers. It brings with it the purity of snow and men in red suits, yelling Ho Ho Ho. As the Holidays rush toward us all, we want to just let go and have a ball. So. with all sincerity and all the joy one can muster, I want to Wish all, Sisters and Busters, no matter what color, no matter what creed, no matter what you believe, Happy Holidays to all and whatever you celebrate. I hope we all find peace and joy, and no more hate!

I tire of racial divides, I tire of predijuce and discrimination, it has no place in the human celebration. We are all the same my friends no matter what you may believe in, what color your skin, or nationality either. We all live our lives the same, we all bleed when cut or hurt, we all breath and laugh and cry, we all, do all human things the same, we love, we laugh, we cry, we sigh, we all have the same reactions to the samethings folks. So, as this Holiday Season hits us all, be patient, be kind, be nice and stand tall. Be who you are and forgive those who are not right, there is no place for wars or fights. We love who we love, and we like who we like and we know not why some don’t do things right. Do, what I do folks, and let it go, if I offend anyone I say sorry and move on and then if they offend me I forgive and forget, and move on. LIfe is too short for petty squabbles and jealous fights, we don’t want to hurt one another, and we don’t always agree, but we can compromise, we can say sorry and we can walk away if necessary to make it right, without it all becoming a fight.

I Wish All Around the World, A Very Happy Holiday Season, I hope one filled with logic, common sense and reason. I wish all laughter and joy, down to each father, mother, daughter and boy! And do me a favor folks, if you see a Veteran of any type, no matter what branch they served, wish them, well and Thank them for serving and keeping us free. WIth Warm Thoughts and Well Wishes for all, from Me!

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