I do, do you?

One Day at a Time was a old television show, and it was filled with some serious subjects, and some silly things. What amazes me is how well television writers seem to hit on subjects that affect us alol each day of our lives.

I saw the same with All in The Family, The Jeffersons, and many other shows. When you watch these shows over the years like i did, you will find something out, quickly if you just close your eyes and listen to the dialouge in each of them. They all cover the same topics, of family and problems and situations we all face each day. There is no difference between color, race, creed at all folks. We all hurt the same, we all bleed red, we all mourn loses, we all laugh in joy. There is no difference.

People are people folks, what they are taught and raised in as they grow up stays with them, all their life. We make our own choices, and some refuse to understand that, is what I say.

Do me a favor folks, stick you predijuces, your discrimination and your hatereds away somewhere you can’t use them, and pretend for once you are blind or color blind. Then tell me, are we so different just because we are white, black, brown or asian? No, we aren’t we are all human beings with the same needs, wants and desires as one another, we all hurt the same, we all cry the same, we all laugh the same and in the end we all live in the same way.

Look I know, many believe the history books portray slavery as bad, nasty and a horriable era in the world I agree, no argument there from me. My argument is a simple one, if your black, asians, brown, and the circumstances that happened over history had been you doing it to another race or nationality, of creed, and it was so far in your past, would you want to pay retribution in money for what your predacessors had done? No you wouldn’t.

We tend to forget that the era was different, the circumsatnces were different and we the modern human beings we are today are no responisable for what those who came before us, did. You can agree or disagree of course, but in the end, I speak the truth.

Whether you watched, Good Times, All in The Family, The Jeffersons, Mayberry RFD, or anyother television show of the era they occurred in. You will notice though, families of many nationalities and creeds and colors all have the same reactions to the same situations in general. We are all human beings, don’t you think, we should all close off our color perception, our race perfection, And in the end just deal with the fact we are all human beings? I do, do you?

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