Music, Poetry, Holidays and dreams

12 December 2021, The holiday season has begun. The lights are up, the sales are on, and the music of Christmas plays on. JIm Croce, singer songwriter, who had such hits before he died, as I Got a Name, One Less Set of Footsteps and more. He had a song that reminds me of Christmas’s of my past that went as follows for an opening; Snowy Nights and Christmas Lights, Icey window panes, make me wish that we could be together again, And on the windy winter avenues, there walks a lonely man, if I told you who he was but I think you undertand. That it doen’t have to be that way, what we had should never have ended and I’ll be dropping by today and we can easily get it together tonight it’s only right. Crowded stores the corner Santa Clause, Tinseled afternoons and a sidewalk band that plays it’s songs, slightly out of tune, and on the windy winter avenue there walks a lonely man, and if I toldyou who he was, but I think you understand.

The song talks about a lonely Christmas and what could have been if things had gone differently for those involved. And it brings images of Christmas time to bear on your mind. I think it was a special song for someone he loved.

I grew up in an era of the 60’s/ 70s when it comes to music. I knew even the 50’s too asa childlistening tomom singing to Dean Martin, Big Crosby, Frank Sinatra and more. Music isa central part of most people my life’s age, I am 65. I even know country hits from the early days of Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers and so much more. Music if done right and to the range of your hearing and taste of course, can change your life and lift your spirits. I know Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Neil Diamond and Seals and Crofts too. So many tune sinm y heart and soul and in my head. I know and love Motown too, The Temptations. Otis Redding, The Four Tops, the Supremes, Marvin Gaye and many more. At times I find myself humming these tunes or even singing them to myself to keep my spirits high. Music is a gift from the gods to the human soul and in it’s own way it is like a medicine for all of us.

Between music and writing, I may pass some time in life. I am not an artist in anyway means or form, but I do like to express myself at times. I do poetry, short stories, I love good music, and of course my blogs. Many of my blogs have to do with loves, hares, politics, I don’t do religion though.

For Instance I wrote the following:

Stunning Woman

The room was dusky and the light was not bright,

The music was loud and not always right,

The company was fun and got it done,

Yes I continue to Hang on.

I stood alone on my own and watched the people go by,

So many faces in so many places,

Yes you can see their feelings on their face, in so many places,

The music came on and the people began to sing,

In you walked and the sighs and the oohs and ahs began

Yes indeed you are a stunning woman.

A stunning woman, who knows not what she is.

The woman who is au-naturale,

Yes, your a stunning woman, but do you know,

Yes stunning to me is what you be.

You take my breath away,

I know you will never see me,

I know your on a higher plane than I,

Yet I know no matter where I be,

When you walk in your stunning to me.

A stunning woman of beauty and smiles,

A stunning woman whi always herself,

That special stunning woman,believe me.

Your’re just stunning and special to me.

I know one day, one man will come,

He will be handsome and strong,

He will scoop you up,and carry you away.

I pray it will make you happy and gay,

And he keeps you content, each day, and night,

A woman with a smile, and style, so stunning,

The men will come running.

Just be you and you shall be fine,

Don’t pay attention to those who don’t treat you right,

In the end I can only dream of you at night.

As one can see I attempt to express myself in words sometimes never spoken, only written down and at other times, I may hold them inside. I have been noted for both in some places, and by some I consider friends and family too. Life goes on day by day and night by night, we can not always do or say something right. Communication for each of us is different for each of us have lived different lives, styles and experiences.

When I grew up years ago, in my teen years I had thought I would be gone by 40 years old, it wasa popular thought of many back then my age. Somehow, I am still here today, and i will always strive to speak my mind and to carry on the best I can. Life is too short for it to be any other way.

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