The sad part is, Trump has brainwashed so many people anything can happen in this world and country.

I have come to the conclusion, what happened at The Capital on January 6th, 2021, can happen again, unless, the gulliable followers of Trump are stopped. If it happens again, we shall no longer be living in a Republic with Democracy as it’s basis. We shallbe turned into a country or either communistic rule, totarilian rule, or in the end a form of goverrnent that can be referred to as a dictatorship. Let me say this before anyone goes up in a rage or crazy dialougue because of what I wrote, The American System of Governement by the peope and for the people was established by the Forefathers of America. Now George Washington stepped down as President after two terms for a reason, as he said, we are not a dictatorships and I am not a King. Ben Franklin said and I remind everyone who is an American, we have an established Republic built on democracy and we shall have it as a long as we adhere to the principles of it and make it so. Once you adhere to other types of government, you then place America on a level with dictatorships, totarilism, or anarchary and we end up just another third world country struggling to survive and warring with one another over racial issues, religion issues and in the end we destroy, what we are.

I don’t believe in Trump and his words or ways. I don’t believe Americans can not realize if Trump were to get the Presidecy once again, that he would try to sell us out to russia, china or some other country just to make money and be richer. It will happen if he gets back to the White House.

A Conservative governement in America is not bad foolks, yet one run by a linatic and demigod is. Conservativ is word witha definition folks, Conservative is defined as a person who holds to established ways to do things. Keeping to traditional values and ways. Not one who attempts to stay in power and control the governemnt beyong what the people say to do and go thier own way. I can live witha conservative President.

A Liberal, is defined differently of course folks. Relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise. Thatsa Liberal folks and i can live with them also. What I do not understand is this, what makes anyone think Donald J. Trump is worthy of being called either of the above two things.

People elected Trump for one reason only, because they feared Hillary Clinton being in power as President. They feared she would change too many things period and ran the other way screaming she was dangerous, she wasn’t. In fact, Hillary Clinton only wanted to change what she could for the good of all Americans. Sadly, she turned out to be telling the truth when she said, Trump was a puppet of Putins and time has now proven it for all to see.

Do me a favor Americans of all colors, creeds, nationalities, don’t let Trump run again and don’t let him win. If you do, by the end of Trump’s second term you will be speaking Russian or Chineese. Don’t go there folks! The sad part is, Trump has brainwashed so many people anything can happen in this world and country.

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