Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday has arrived again folks, and the Holidays are indeed upon us all. A quick look as you drive in the evenings and at night too and fro, will let you know, the Jolly Fat Santa is still on the go.

Well, as life goes, I wonder how far sometimes my life has to go, and what is next for me I have lived a pretty full life in many ways, and in others I lack social skills and barely get by at times. I am no different than anyone else and i have my faults and problems and no man or woman for that matter is perfect. Having to slow down at times for fear of upsetting someone is one thing I am learning I must do. For sometimes I speak too fast and seem abrupt when it is not intentional on my part, and some get upset over what they tell me, is my tone, So, I am constantly, reminding myself not to be so abrupt, and to watch how I say things. It’s a lesson I wish I could have learned earlier in life.

I sometimes wonder, if I shall live much longer and certain things make me think not and then others say, hell I gots lots left to live. I have learned over the years laughter, love, happiness, are not just things that drop into your life. A person needs to make it happen for themselves with the ones they love, like and admire, and you need to remind yourself your not perfect and no one else is either.

Ok, enough on my personal attempts to improve my social skills, manners and communication technics so to say. When you live your life serving others all the time, you tend to forget ceratin social skills. No one is worried if you swear, fart, have gas or anything else when you live a life like I have. I served my parents until I was 16, raising my younger siblings the bes I could. Then I took two years off so to say, before I joined the service one day. The service does not care if you have human forbiles, gas, acid reflux, or talk out of tone, what they care about is did you do the job correctly and in a satisfactory way? I did my service years and in that time I included being a husband, a father and more. So, as time moved on, my first marriage fell apart, not due to me, but due to my wife wanting a divorce on her part. I did what was right for all and left when asked is all. 12 years of my life was used up in a marriage that just didnt work out.

When that fell apart I flondered some and both of my parents died within a year and one day of each other. I was lost and tired and holding on the best I could. I decided after two years of living alone and trying to find my way I had to move on. So I got up and went dancing and went to Singles Dances and found my second wife. I have said this many times I never did learn how to flirt with the opposite sex, and yet I spent 40 years of my life married so far, explain that one please. I know I am not perfect, but doesn’t it make one wonder how I did it? If I am so bad like some like to make me sound or as some say about me, then how did I get this far?

I even went back to college and got a Degree in Hotel Management and Graduated witha 3.75 average and I am a member of three Honor Societies too. Yet, I take hits from others constantly, it’s crazy this world. I remind all, I graduated College at age 40 folks, 40 years old, if I can do it and I did, anyone can, is what I say.

Now, I am 65 years old, I have seen so much, experienced so much and seen so much. I don’t judge others in what they say or do or on how they act either. I just accept people as they are and try to carry on, if we get along fine, if we don’t well I will stay away from you. Life is that simple folks, if you can’t handle it all or some relationship, then get out of it and move on to new friends, lovers and relationships that do work. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and I reccomend to all, to live it to the fullest, but to always remember, it has it’s dangers in many way, so be careful. Life is far too short not to enjoy yourself, if you don’t enjoy yourself your doing it wrong. Each day is an adventure, is a mystery, and we only have so long before, we shut down for good. Do yourselves a favor. live, laugh, cry, smile, and interact well with all you meet, learn to compromise and live life doing what you love best.

Happy Holidays from me to all I know or Who know me! Christmas is for all to enjoy, it isa time of giving and caring, loving and sharing, do it well all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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