It is not the System, that is failing, it’s the people. Wake Up!

Good Morning America and the World as a whole. December 14th, 2021 has arrived and revelations are coming about from The January 6th, Committee Hearings, as of last night. Now I think many will say, the revelations are bullshit, Trump didn’t do it, or whatever, but facts, recordings and texts do not lie, they are now officially a part of a historic record of an American President committing tresonous crimes against his own governement, trying to stay in office after he lost the election.

Hannity, Ingrams and yes even his own son, Don Jr begged, screamed in texts for Trump to stop the Insurection he caused, yet Trump did not react or do a damn think for hours. Sadly, Donald J. Trump was very unfit to be President in the first place, secondly he was mentally unfit and a danger to all around him, yet his followers still played loyalists and stayed with him through it all. What kind of desperation and needs did they have to back him and what kind of logic and common sense existed on January 6th, 2021? None in the White House or even on Trump’s favorite News Channel Fox. Even Trump’s Chief of Staff Meadows knew and admitted in texts all that was happening was wrong and Trump should have stopped it sooner. I ask all of these two faced, political, individuals and blind followers now, what do you think would have happened to the United States, if this insurection/ coup attempt had been sucessful, where would we as a country be today?

Now lets talk political records here and facts some. Donald J. Trump failed at all he has touched. This is a man who failed at selling Trump Water, Trump Steaks, he was and is still an oil saleman selling treachery, selling lies and inciting anger and violence in America. This is the President who wanted to inject you with bleach to fight covid, he would have killed millions if they didnt stop him! Yet, he still has his supporters willing to believe in him and to try to get him reelected in 2024, why?

Americans do me a favor, before you think about re-electing Trump think of his behavior, his lack of caring, his lack of knowledge and in the end his lack of stability. This is a man who hid his condition from you when he had covid and then hid the fact he got his covid shots for his family before telling you to get yours. He lied to you about his health, mentally and physically too. This is a man, who far after losing the election now and the insurection, is still crying foul, the election was stolen and more, but the numbers show he lost big time in the popular vote and in the electorial vote, also. So what does that tell you about Trump, his stability, his mental state and his abilities to perform as President, he sucked is what it says. Do yourself a favor Americans and I say this as an Independent Voter, wakeup, ban Trump from ever running for office in America again. He’s dangerous and he will hand this country over to Russia, China or another nation if he can, as long as he can profit from it.

The future in America is getting bleaker each day, why, because we are too engrossed in the bitter wars in The Senate and House and no one will compromise, so zero is accomplished and we sit in a quadmire, drowning. You want to accomplish something in this country, then some of these Senators and Representative need to wake up and realize they are destroying what our forefathers created. Learn, grow, expand and compromise in Washington, all parties and individuals and stop worrying about your one party, start worrying about, healthcare for all, infrastructure, protecting America as a whole, education for all and yes security and strength. Economically we are failing, why, simple we are allowing other countries to get rich off of our pay checks, we go out and buy products made by others not our own. We need a manufacturing base that can build the best in the world right here at home, not import from Russia, China and other nations, we have the people and knowledge to do it, we just don’t have the guts or energy or care to make it happen do we? Wake up Americans, we are throwing away all of the leaderships positions we once held in the world and the other countries are laughing at us. I think it is time to take the woke bullshit and throw it out and we need men and women who want America strong to face facts and turn our country around once more. We have gone from a country in the 60’s and 70s of we, we, we, to a country of me, me, me and screw you now in the 2000’s, it’s sad. When I was young in the 60’s a man broke down on the side of the road and, someone would stop and help them, or at least make a call for them or help change a tire. Today breeak down or get a flat tire and look for help, and you will see, fly by without even a second thought about anything. That is the me, me, me attitude we have now, I got mine is what it is all about and screw everyone else. This country was not built on a me, me, me attitude and style, it was built on a we, we, we attitude, and functions best that way.

That all said and put out there, I just want to say to all, as you are going about the Holiday Shopping Season and Preparing for Christmas and a Happy New Year, stop and smell the roses while you can, for like all great civilizations, that have ever existed, The Mayas, The Aztecs, The Indians, The Egyptians, The Nazis and more, all rise and fall, why, because they no longer stay on the same page and keep the same beliefs that put them on top. America is on the verge of collasping as a nation and form of government on the earth, because it is not the system that is doing so, it is the people who are running it and the failure to compromise period. Wakeup!

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