Ten day Count Down begins today, to the Jolly Red Coated Santa to come your way!

Lets discuss people and the differences in them and why they exist. For instance how healthy we can be or are, the color of peoples skins, the biology of who we are are all things, we tend to not control fully, right?

So what can we control ladies and gentlemen, simply put our own habits, own own thoughts and in the end our own actions. I have tended to over my years on this planet, to stop at times and have to reevaluate myself and adjust myself in many ways. I think we all do at times in our own lives.

Some of us must control anger, some shyness, some silliness, and some just reactionary ways we react to in ways from prior times and issues from our home lives as children, and our interactions with our own parents or family growing up.

Let me say something to all, so you do not think this is an attempt to control you, or an attempt to say your right or wrong for what you do each day your alive. That is not what this is about at all if you think that. This is about two major things we can change in our lives to make us better people.

Number one, it is important for all of us to learn we make our own decisions and choices in life. Unless your still a child the choices you make are your own and you need to think them through before choosing period. Don’t rush, slow down and think about something before you do it, It is usually why some of us make it in life and some don’t. We can only control ourselves.

Number two, after choices is simple, but complicated to learn for many, because we get spoiled by our parents some of us and think we are better than other when we are not. IT is called compromise. In order for any realtionship in your life to work for you and those you meet and know and get along with, compromise must be made, but either ourselves to remain friends or lovers, or by those in any relationship with us. If you don’t learn to compromise you lose folks, the world and human relationship are built on a give and go system.

Number three is respect folks. I know it sounds simple, bt it isn’t. We all have our own ways and lifestyles and we all make our own decisions, all of us must learn to respect one another first and formost to suvive. That means if someone makesa choice of decision you don’t agree with, it’s their choice not yours, Don’t try to change them we can onlt advise, we can not force change, or tell someone we love, what to do or how to do something. Respect their wishes, their wants, their desires, their wins and their losses, but never disrespect them or call them names. Period.

There is one area left to cover in my book with people. It is in my book called the honesty factor. If people would be honest with one another at all times, and tell the truth, in such a way as to be kind about it and repectable, guess what it would be a whole lot less violent and anger in the world. We all can handle bullshit and joking, but when it gets bad is when you lie to someone and dont respect them enough to tell the truth. Even little white lies can hurt and damage relationships. Be honest, but not cruel about anything, and life will be easier, for all involved.

I don’t really care what your politics are, nor do I care what religion you follow and believe in, just say what I have always said in life, you do your thing, I will do mine and you don’t force your ways or beliefs on me and I won’t do it to you, either. We are each individuals and no two people do things exactly the same. It’s like I told one person in the Navy one day, I don’t have to complete the job exactly the way you do, as long as I get it done and I get the same result in the end, that is what counts. We do what we must to reach the goals, beliefs and ways, we want to live with and keep comfortable with each day we live.

In the end I find, by doing what I speak about in this blog in my real life, I usually get along with everyone and can live in peace. I hope, it helps other to read it all, too. Happy December 15th, the Ten day Count Down begins today, to the Jolly Red Coated Santa to come your way. Happy Holidays all!

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