Happy Holidays To All!

December 16th is here all. We have nine more days till The Jolly Fatman, Santa comes to say hey! The kids will laugh, the kids will cry, the parents will smile and then will sigh. The snow may come or it may not, so listen closely to what you may get and what we all have got.

We have happiness to share, gifts and laughter in the air. We have family and friends and if we are lucky we are in love and happy till our life’s end. Not everyone, will have it so well, but we can share so their lives are not hell.

The sick and the ill, we can support, we can help them stand or help them walk. We can sit by their side and read to them, we can even just hold their hand.

Christmas for many is just recieving, but if you are like me, it is in giving you believe. Give to those less fortunate, give some time to the sick and dying and don’t forget. The greatest thing you can do in life, is treat every human being right and help them sleep well and happily each night.

On Christmas Morn when you awake, I wish all a happy feeling and loving time with family and friends, and I hope it stays with you, till the following year ,ends. Happy Holidays my friends and family too, and I hope for all mankind too. Happy Holidays All!

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