Changes need to be Made!

The changes in America at times are not all good for all involved. The ability to raise your own children the way you want today was affected over the years by changes in laws. Back in the 1980s there wasa movie where a child filed for divorce from her parents and won. Since then we have gone through how do you discipline your child and Cosby preached no hitting you child is allowed and now you have to speak to them to control them, IT is at that point America went down a wrong track that today affects all of american society period.

I understand as do many America’s child protection laws are in place for real reasons, and in the end a child must be protected from physical, mental and emotional damage in all ways. Yet, in the end, there is a thin line involved between abuse and letting a child do as they please. Someone has to teach children right from wrong, teach them what to do, and how to act and be a role model for them. So I guess the real question for all Americans and the governements of each state is a simple one, how far can we let the children do as they want and what kind of actions are legal for a parent to do, to teach, raise and control them as they grow. Maybe the Government or the Doctors, can clear it up in someway and maybe work all together to clarrify what parents can do and how much a child can push and get away with as we go along. Life is not simple there are many complications in life and in the end we need to get them clear, in someways, so child reraring and raising and teaching works for all sides. I pray those in power can understand changes need to be made for both sides of the parental/ child problem.

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