Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we shall all, say.

December 18th has arrived folks, the Jolly Man in the Red Suit shall be coming for kids all around or all ages and sizes too. The Christmas/ Holiday Season bring many happiness and joy and in the end gifts for all girls and boys. Candy shall flyoff the shelves also, and lights come on or ff all day an dnight, sometimes it is so special and so full of life, you wonder how you can sleep each night.

Christmas Lights get lit up bright, and people love to see the sight. The snow is coming and we all know, when all turns white, it is such a lovely show. We laugh more, we chat more and we are kinder it seems, and many of us, like to create christmas memes.

So as the trees light up and the snow may fall, lets have fun and get it all done. Decorate your tree and your homes so right, try to have a Merry Christmas, on Christmas Day!

Icicles will be around, snow and ice shall abound, The Music will play and it will go all day, and in the end it is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year we shall all say.

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