Keep that in mind!

Morning all, it is now December 19th, 2021 and I am awake at 5;30 am and now having coffee by 6 am. The weather is becoming chillier each day as the month moves alomg. That is normal for us on the east coast here at this time of year!

I am learning slowly, but surely as my life goes on and my wife is gone and has passed, that I have to learn to live on my own and find things to do and places to go and people to meet. I am very rusty in many ways as far as social actions are concerned and I watch others, to see. Elvis sang it, only fools rush in, and I agree with the verse.

Well, I have made progress in some areas since my wife passed now, I am slowly going through belongings, selling what was in our home to the best of my ability, with help from my sister and her man. I finally went out a few times to a tavern and even sang Karaoke once now, for some fun. I had to buy a vehicle and did finally, a 2021 used but clean and well maintained. Low Mileage, AWD, economical too. Those things I have been doing, as I slowly go through a search for a new home here in a new state.

I have to make choices like everyone else in life to be specific. I pay the bills and hold onto money, on a limited budget of course. I search for a new place to either buy or rent, maybe rent, but time shall tell. I want a place just big enough for me to be comfortable in. I want a big enough place for one good sized living room, one eat in kitchen and kitchen, one or one and a half bathrooms, a second bedroom for an office too. Off street parking of some kind too. I need a laundry room with washer and dryer also as i see it. Applances must be there like, stove top and oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and I would love not to snow plow or cut any grass either.

Today I plan on meeting with a Real Estate Agent to see the possibilities I may have in what I can get. I am hoping a two bedroom condo, in a 55 plus communiy is possible for me. I would’nt even mind a mobile home/ manufactured home that is solid, well maintained and just big enough for me. I will discuss it further as I go along with the Agent and start looking now more.

I have pre-approval for a loan of course, but it doesn’t seem to cover mobile/manufactured homes right now. I will try to find out how I can do it that way too, in case I decide on a mobile home. Never know when ya live alone ,do ya?

Settling into a new state and area is going to take some time to learn and explore it all of course. I am hoping, I get a 55 plus community, it will have events and I can meet others in my age range too. Time shall tell, I have no idea what the Good Lord has in store for me next, but I want to have comfort, peace and live the end of my life fully, enjoying it all.

Well, thats it for today as far as the personal side ,goes for me. I am now in Massachuetts, and will probally be here for the rest of my life.Yes, I grew up in Connecticut and lived there many years, but with the passing of my wife, I do not wish to stay anywhere close to our old home i am selling now. It is currently on the market as Christmas approaches for us all, it is emptied. Anyone interested in buying it, I will list the Zillow page here, to see;,-CT-06716_rb/174444016_zpid/

My Agent is Fercondini Properties of Wolcdott, CT. PHone Number-(203) 879-4973, ask for LInda please!

Well, as 2021 comes to a close, I wonder what 2022 will bring for me. Will it bring a new life, a new residence and a peqceful, fun filled life? What adventures can I experience and enjoy and who can I meet to expend my horizons and who will accept me as a friend. Time shall tell as life goes on. I just pray it is peaceful. and fun and entertaining enough so I can carry on.

When I reached 65, I never thought I would still be here, I thought for sure I would have been gone by 40. Yet here I am now, rolling into christmas number 65, and heading to a new birthday in January. That is all positive for me so far. I am a lucky person for I still have friends I have had since my teenage years growing up, I have my sister and her man and support from them both. Soon, enough I will turn 66 years old, and that for me is hard to believe! But like I say all the time, Time marches on and there is no fighting it, the only thing that fights time is Mother Nature and they have been in an endless battle forever. We humans don’t have forever, we have no idea what our time limits are on earth, so I always say, live each day fully and have fun. 2021 has been eventfull for me, I have gone through an emotional rollercoaster and tried to stay strong and do what is right each day that comes along. I am of course struggling like any widower or widow would too, but I also know now I have no choice in how I live and go on, except to do what is right for me. God Bless All, I know and those friends and family, I Love dearly. Peace shall reign and life may change, but how long I am here shall be a mystery to me, for my time on earth is not to be known, to me.

As Seals and Crofts said in a song: Life so they say, is but a game and they let it slip away! Don’t let it slip by folks, remember your not remembered for material things, but for the interactions with others and being kind, keep that in mind!

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