Wish All a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too, from me to you!

December 21, 2021, it is Tuesday folks, and chilly here in Massachuetts. The brisk air has arrived and tis the season for holiday greetings and joys for boys and girls! CHristmas is coming fast you see, it is advancing on you and me.

We will all be nestled with family and friends and we will laugh and cheer, and sing songs that will take us through Christmas and The New Year. The snow nights and Christmas lights, will brighten the atmosphere. Church Bells will ring and people will sing, traditions will carry on. New Traditions will be made, and overdue bills will be paid, and the days will grow longer now after we are through today after all.

So, now it is onward and upwards for me, I have to live each you see. I have no turning back, and the future I see through a crack. The brightness is up ahead, as each day I crawl from my bed. Visions of the future come back to me.

I know I can never go backwards, and revive or bring back who I lost. So I struggle along and try to carry on, with the memories of the past and try to make new ones that will last. New Location, new friends, new places to see and learn. I hope it isa future I can enjoy and have fun while I grow and learn.I may have lost the one I love, but I know she is safe up above. She is in God’s hands now and he shall love forver no matter what or how.

I am alone now in this world as The holiday comes and fills the air with joy and chill. As I carry on and try to get through, I shall do my best for it is all I can do.

So, I shall laugh and cry and I shall survive and get by. SO from me to all who read this blog, I want to Wish All a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too, from me to you!

Merry Christmas 2021 Christmas Songs and Carols with Lyrics - YouTube

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