The Covid Argument

I have personally avoided any discussions regarding Covid Vaccinations since covid began or came about. Why, well simply put, too many are angery or upset by the Governement and Medical Personell telling all to get vaccinated. So, I want to weigh in on this subject, but I do not wish to argue, fight, or seem like i am attacking anyone on either side of the equation here.

Covid is a virsus now that wil probally be around for many decades to come ,maybe even lifetimes to come. It will take scientific processes to beat it that have not been developed as of yet. Mankind will have to find the answers in a slow and deliberate way to kill the virus or get a lifetime lasting vaccination for it.

Now, before I go any further here in this blog, discussing this subject, I wish to acknowledge I am no medical expert nor am I a scientist who fully understands this virus it effects or where it came from. What I am is a man, who is witnessing numerous people getting the virus as it mutates and changes and kills people. Now, I know the numbers go up and they come down as the virus spreads, and I know those who have health related issues are most at risk, for I am one of those, myself. I can”t change those facts folks and no one else will either. I know that I had no choice but to get my vaccinations and the booster and the flu vaccination this year too. I am a lung cancer survivor number one, number two I am a type 2 diabeties patient also. So in my case I got all of the shots and the flu shot to stay alive, due to the mitigating circumstances and conditions I have.

Now, I have seen many who refuse to get the vaccinations and who argue with or disagree with the function and reasons for getting them.I am not in a position to say who is right or who is wrong here, as to whether someone should or should not get them. Yet, I see the problems with people not getting them and the results. Look you can scream the pot is full, or the pot is empty, you can scream it’s half full or whatever, in the end, the virus will not disappear and by not getting the vaccines, you put yourself at risk of getting the virus and getting severly sick or even dying from it if you contact it, in anyway. Now, I have heard people argue, they don’t want the vaccine in their body, they have had covid and survived it already, and then heard and seen on television, people who had the virus and have gotten the vaccine and still have died from it. So, the choice is a personal one I know for we all own the rights to our own choices and bodies. But, I wonder why so many refuse to even think of getting the vaccinations.

What fear is there to getting a vaccination that may save your life foks, tell me please! Is there a logical reason for not getting a vaccination that can stop a virus that is spreading like wildfire in the world from killing you? I don’t think so, just look back in history, look at the polio vaccination we all recieve as babies, it worked. Now, if that isn’t enough to believe in, let me tell you this, all of us born in America after the 1930s and on, have had all kinds of vaccinations, and they have worked and we are still here today. So what is the logic and common sense in not getting vaccinated against covid today in America?

What drives these reactions in many people, is simply put, either fear of the vaccine for some reaction you may get from it, or not enough knowledge about it in and of itself. Knowledge is power they say, and I know one thing whichever way you lean, vaccine or no vaccine, it is you who are taking the chance with your life, and if you contact the covid virus of those you love and are friends with too. For if you get it and don’t know it is it, and it can be a mild version mind you, it doesn’t make it less spreadable or virtulant either. So, one cough, one sneeze and you infect those you love or care about around you too. Will you feel good or be able to handle it when you may survive it but a loved one or friend of yours dies from it, and you know you gave it to them? I know i wouldn’t be able to live with that one myself, can you?

I tire of the debates on wearing masks, not wearing masks, getting the damn vaccinations or not getting them. Why, because in the end folks, you can ride a horse to water, but you can’t force then to drink! Otherwise you can explain the vaccine, you can offer it to all for free and you can recommend people get it. What you can’t do is force people against their will to do anything they don’t want to do. There is no debate really here, what there is isa rebellion from 40 percent of Americans against authority and being told to get vaccinated, and beliving they are being forced into it. They don’t get what Uncle Sam is saying properly for no one is explaining it correctly and they makea daily issue of it by strong hard speeches and then by pushing it on all. Offer it yes, have it available yes, but like ciggerettes and drugs and more, a person wil only do what they belive they want to do period, if they are so dead set against the vaccine, then, you can’t change them, let them be. They are responsible for their own healthcare and bodies and themselves.I just wishthey woulkd get out of theor own heads and start to think of the loved ones and friends they interact with daily instead of just themselves.

Covid has now mutated numerous times, each version of it has different effects on the human body and although the latest Omicrn has only killed one person so far, how do we know what it may mutate into next and how bad it will spread? We don’t folks.

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