The Cancer Battle continues for me!

I listen to and watch and read cancer patients talking about their journies through it all everyday online. Today, I think about my own journey with cancer and I am 65 now.

I was young in 1971 when my mother’s father died of cancer in a nursing home. Then all seemed fine for a long time. next in line for me, with dealing with cancer, came in 1984, when I received a call that my real father had passed in New Jersey from it. It would be a little while and a few years when suddenly, my step-father, died from cancer in 1990, and then one year and a day later my mother lost her battle with cancer, also.

It was like a ping ball ball being slapped around as cancer kept coming into my life left and right. I thought I had escaped cancer and it was gone. Then I found out my first wife had cancer and had survived it, and after i got married, my second wife got breast cancer and we fought it into remission. In between in 2013, I was diagnoised with lung cancer and lost a lobe and a third of my right lung to it and survived. But three years later my wife’s cancer came storming back and we fought it for her final 8 years total till she passed in August of 2021. So, since 2006, I have been fighting cancer in one way or another folks. I buried my wife in August of 2021.

Well twists and turns do happen as do unexpected things in life. I had a Cat Scan done in early December and the results reached me today December 22nd, 2021. The letter reads as follows from my Doctor; The CT Scan of your lungs shows very small (<2mm) lung nodules in the right lobe. These are not concerning, but due to my history of lung cancer, I am going to need a repeat test in six months. They will also being taking blood work for it. Now, I have fought cancer all my life in one way or another that is for sure and I am growing tired but will fight on. I know when my wife died in August I wanted to go with her and almost did, if not for the Veteran’s Crisis line, I was depressed and suicidal then. I hope with this news, I do not slide back, to that state once more.

I am going to try to get thru the holidays and make it into the New Year, I am sure, without a problem. But, who knows what will happen next. All I can do is keep positive, fight the best I can and try hard to take care of myself, the best way, I know how. As I have always said I can only take it, one day at a time.

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