We are remembered for the love and the caring we bring. Merry Christmas!

December 23rd, 2021 has arrived, we are two days not even really from Christmas! The stores are selling, the children yelling and the lights all shine bright. Smiles be seen, and some folks be happy not mean. It’s a Holiday we all love folks, well mostly. Some are sad for they are ill, or alone like I be. We can’t change what the Good Lord has in plans for you or for me.

We get the days of cold now and we wonder if snow will come, as all across the world you see, Christmas Bells are heard for you and me. We see Santa’s and reindeer and slieghs these days, and who knows if snow is on it’s way. People are rushing to and fro, and looking for presents for those they love and know, it’sa time of giving and caring you see, and I hope it continues for eternity.

We sing Christmas songs and dance along, like cats on a hot tin roof, all to have fun and to make it homespun for you and for me. We want to make each other smile, we want to spend some real time for a while, enjoying who our families be, and of course enjoying you and me.

We gather around a fireplace, or a table full of food, and sometimes, for some of us, the tradition is around that Christmas Tree. We watch the children young at heart, wait for their presents with a hopeful heart. Each gift is handed out you see, and we smile and laugh around the tree.

Christmas time will find us, no matter where we be, if the Good Lord wants us to see, we shall, for you and me. Hope fills the air for all in one way or another, doesn’t matter if sister or, brother, father or mother. It hits all of us each each, that in the end we are lucky to be here.

So, as the day gets closer and the celebrations begin, just remember it is not the materials things you get, but, the love and joy you give out and get in. Christmas is not about the presents folks, it’s about spending time with the loved ones you have and friends and family are all we have. Treat each other with joy and laughter, help with advice and just being there is nice. Remember for me, and for those we may have lost, it’s who gives most, cares more that counts, not the coins spent or the amount, it’s the thought. Life is far too short, not to make it pleasant and nice, please remember whatever you do, you dont get to do it twice. We are not remembered when we pass from this world, for material things, we are remembered for the love and the caring we bring.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all out there!

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