This Christmas 2021

Christmas Day has arrived for me, it is 6 am here now. The house is quiet, all are asleep except I, as I settle in with a cup of coffee. The party last night held here was dear, people laughing and joking and full of cheer. The voices rang out across this big house, as I grew tired and headed to be like a mouse. Unknown to all as I roamed about, that I was thinking of checking out.

While all had fun and got it done, I hung around you see, then when I was sure no one would notice, I disappeared to my room. For even I know on Christmas Eve, there was no room for depression and gloom. I hid it all and walked away and I awoke this morning for another day. We all had fun, I am sure, for even I spoke to some, I have never before.

There was no dreams of sugar plums and toys, or other girls and boys, there was the blackness that sleep does bring, and that is all I am remembering.

The house is full of Christmas Decorations, it is quiet now and no one around, and of course there is no sound, except my fingers on my keyboard tapping. As I write a Christmas Day Blog.

Christmas is for family and friends, it’s a day that ends as it begins, with laughter and joy, yet it was not the same for me and shall never be. Traditions, was what my Christmas was about with my wife, but she has passed away. So I struggle with new ways to go through it all, and thats all I can tell you today.

The fires are out in the fireplaces and the Christmas lights are now black, soon others shall awake, the lights will come on again, I know. I will act cherry and I will try to be bright, after all it is still Christmas today. I shall carry on ,a smile on my face and work my way through the day. Till it is over, and we head to a New Year, it is all I can do these days.

So to all, on This Christmas Day 2021, I wish a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I hope it finds you with presents you want, and with the ones you love. For the Christmas Holiday is for all who have friends and loved ones too.

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