I Wish and Hope, all had a Grand Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year!

Hello to the final six days of 2021! Yes Christmas passed yesterday, and all got what they want or need at least I would hope. Spending time and laughter with family and friends is what life is about you see and the Holidays always make that special for you and for me

As we get ready to close 2021 out, I must stop and think back on it all. It started well in January and by March it went downhill. It was material things but my losing my wife that made my spring, summer and fall go by fast. The things I had to learn to do on my own after it all was not too bad really, but, learning to survive the loss was the worst.

Now I have to look ahead to what is to come, and hope it happens, soon. I hate being a burden to anyone, now I must sell my home and my wife’s old car soon. I need to finda new home, a place of comfort and safety for me, do I need big no, safe yes. So my search has to begin in earnest now.

I really only want a place for me, it must have laundry, private parking, a room for a small office, and a bedroom, living room and kitchen and one bath at least, full of course. Laundry room and machines would be a plus either in it or on premises. I know it sounds like a lot, but most of it is standard if you own or even rent in a decent neighborhood.

I have looked at Condos in a couple of towns, new ones they tend to be expensive if you go new, leaving one with a morgage to pay monthly. I just want comfort, safety and a decent area, and as I am seeing it a 55 plus community would be great for me.

One thing at a time is all I can do day to day now, so I do life, that way now. Now, as to any relationship happening I doubt it will anytime soon. I am not hoping around bars or dating in anyway right now, although I could if I wished. Some will say, the four months and now some odd days since my wife passed is not long enough, but, I remind all who know me and what happened, I have been taking care of a cancer ridden wife for 16 years, not one month or less. As few may know of me, I never learned to flirt, never knew how and still don’t, yet I ended up married twice, had two daughters, figure that one out folks and when you do tell me how it happened, LoL!

Now I am facing the possibility, of living alone again, after 28 years with a partner/wife. So I am also trying to decide if i will get a dog for a pet too. Time shall tell for sure!

I feel kinda out of place mostly in a new state, couples all around me, and trying to feel my way through it all. At times I am lost and I was never great in large crowds, so I kinda back off and hide in plan sight so to say.

As time goes on, I am sure I will come around, but it will take time for me. I have met women I admire and like a lot, but, I also know the phrase age appropiate and beyond my reach. So, I am not a fool, or silly.

Anyway, New Year’s Eve is coming soon, I am not sure what I will do for it. I am thinking maybe just a Tavern, and a few drinks and come home onc ethe New Year comes in, just so I am not alone. I Wish and Hope, all had a Grand Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year!

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