December 27th, 2021

Hello, December 27th, 2021, yes I am still here on earth and my eyes have opened again! For that I am thankful, for it means I have life still left to live. We are now, 5 days from a brand new year beggining and that is a positive for all of us, still here.

As 2021 winds down, I am faced with re-creating my own life without my wife who has passed. I miss her dearly of course and currently I am going thru some ups and downs in this holiday season, for it is the first without her in 28 years. yet, I am determined to survive it all, and find a my way in it alone now.

That said and done it is onward and upwards I must go. Finding a place to live will not be easy, as I await the sale of my home in Connecticut. The wya I see it I must sell it to pay for my next place to live, or end up renting a place if it doesn’t sell. I want to sell it outright as is, and then use that money for what I want in the future for myself.

A condominuim would be perfect for me around 970 SQ. Ft. I need a kitchen, laundry, office, Livingroom, bedroom and bathroom of course and a parking place. I need big enough for comfort, but affordable for me. Clean, neat and complete would be perfect if I can find it.

I have looked in Walpole and in Westborough also. These were brand new condominiums and beautiful to see, in 50 plus communities. I like the idea of a 50 plus community, for there will always be something to do, and people will be around my own age there. I am hoping I can find a decent one i can afford and get for myself. I am even considering Fall River, if it’sa decent neighborhood and price range.

I look at Zillow and Redfin daily here in Massachuttes and try to see some when I can, I look but it is not easy to find what I seek. I have looked at Taunton, Attleboro, Norton, Walpole, Westborough and Raynham too. I watch Zillow and Redfin for what they may have in size and location.

I even look at mobile/manufactured homes on the market too, not because they are cheaper, but, because they are big enough for one man or woman to live in is all. Pre-Approval for a home loan I already have, but it won’t be for a mobile or manufactured one, I would have to apply for a different one. Some Mobile Home Parks are decent in the Bristol County Area here, so I look.

I am looking at being 65, soon to be 66 and wondering where the best place is for me to fit in and be comfortable and content. I hope I will find it soon enough.

As time marches on and I grow older, I tire of people who put others down, or act sarcastic or phoney around me. I can honestly say, I hate bullshit artists and those who havea broom up their rear end and think they are better than everyone else. They aren’t, they still pull their pants down when they have to go just like you and I. LOL.

Well, I must keep looking til I find a place to go and live. So my search wil continue. I don’t wnat a home where i have to do outside maintanence anymore, no more snow blowing, grass cutting or painting the outside of fixing roofs please. I am 65, let the young ones do that work now. That is why I want a condo, so all I do is clean the inside and maintain what is inside. Time will tell as to what I can find and afford.

I am attempting to stay positive, let nothing stop me from moving ahead and find what I need to survive as soon as i can. I hope it wil all fall together soon enough.

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