Spiderman, No Way Home.

Christmas Night, I went to see Spiderman, No Way Home, with friends. As all know it is now the first movie since, 2019 to pass the One Billion Dollar Box Office.

I am perhaps one of the biggest fans ever of Marvel Charactors and movies made about or from them. I think I have seen just about all of them so far.

The interesting thing with Spiderman No Way Home, is it enters the multiverse, that has always been shown in comic book form. Makes for an opening in the plots and Marvel Universe that has not been opened before. It also brought back many criminals that was in themselves always fun to see.

Though I must say, they made the movie convoluted in many ways and it takes an effort even for a diehard fan of Marvel like myself. We all need escapism and fantasy-action movies to take our mind off covid, a economy that is not great, and in today’s world.

While the reviewers and audience have, given the movie rave reviews, certain parts of it got a little out of hand for many viewers. Why, they decided to make it so convoluted, is beyond my imagination, yet they did. Some of the charactors were well done and use din a proper way especially the villians in it. While Spiderman, the current version in the movie did a good job acting the part out, Toby McGuire being there helped and wa snice to see, the other one not so much in my opinion. The villans were well cast by actors who did them before and played them to the hilt. It was an interesting movie for sure, just not as well done as I thought others have been for Marvel Movies.

The escapism is needed, so Disney and Marvel provided well. I loved The AVengers Movies, and other so I am glad to see even after Stan Lee is gone his characters will live on in movies, forevermore.

I was happy to see that Doctor Strange was back in this one and that he will return for another film in the future. So,if your into Marval Characters and action movies, Spiderman No Way Home make sthe cut asa fun filled adventure fantasy film.

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