Imagine, What Shall Be, Shall Be.

Imagine, What Shall Be!

                                              William M. McCurrach


            Imagine you were me, and in a place of growing old,

            I wonder why, as you age, life seems to turn each little page.

            We learn as we age, what to do or not to do,

            In the end we know what is right or wrong,

            Yet we know we must go on.

             Now imagine, a room, filled with dim lights,

             Music playing and singers in the night.

             The door opens across the floor,

              In she walks and your lost in her beauty

              Her smile and her style. Forever more.

             You know you have no chance, you know she is beyond your reach,

              No matter what you say or do or how your preach,

              She will forever be beyond your reach.

               Imagine what would happen, as you hear her voice sing,

               Her smile beams across the room, and brightens the gloom.

               Each man sighs and smiles at her, and she sees all of them you see,

               But all I can imagine is ,would she notice me. That I cannot see!

               There is a dream in everyone’s life,

               There has to be you see,

                For in all our lives there shall always be,

                One that gets away or  one you can not reach.

                 Take it as fate, or destiny, 

                 Take it anyway you can from me,

                 There is an old saying out there,

                  What shall be, shall be!

                  In the end, imagining is all I can do,

                  That’s all I can say to you!

                  I learned early and so young

Somethings you just can’t do or get done

                  The reach is too far, the distance too much,

                  So, it remains a dream in one’s imagination.

                  Yes so far, out of touch.

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