Final Thoughts for 2021 and for 2022 Ahead.

The final day of 2021, has arrived and December 31st is always the largest party date in history in the world. Yes, some things need to be taken into account as we get set to celebrate a New Year coming in.

  1. A full investigation must be done properly into coronavirus and where it came from and how to eradacate it completely.
  2. We need to stop blaming the sitting President for all the troubles of America’s econonmy, and it’s inflation we suffer from. He didn’t create it folks, but he is trying to control it, wake up.
  3. We need a full and unconditional and feirce investigation into all that occurred on January 6th, 2021. We also need to hold accountable not just those who particpated in it, but those who incited it and pointed the way, Trump and his coherts too.
  4. As many will see this New Years Eve, there are still too many people unvaccinated in America, and that is bad for a country ridden with a virus that can kill and be spread at a high rate. Those who believe covid is a made up thing are wrong. Period. if the country can’t get on one page regarding a vaccine, then how the hell will we solve anything else?
  5. Next lets discuss the current make up of the House and Senate. As we all know, we the people decided to divide it, and in the end we the people screwed up. We the people need to call our Senators, and Representatives and tell them to do some work! This stalemate shit is worthless, as they sit and argue nothing gets done, unless it is absolutely necessary. It’s a sad thing to see, when Republicans and Democrats who are elected to public office now go to work and get paid big time, but prodice not a damn thing for all the people, Compromise must be reached to move the country forward.
  6. The unemployment rate is dropping, and that is in and of it self very good for the country as a whole.
  7. As we go through the New Year Celebration tonight across the world, how many people will get covid and ultimately die or get severly sick. We dont know for sure but time shall tell us won’t it, because there are too many who won’t believe it till they see it.
  8. If Americans have any common sense come the 2022 election cycle, the Representatives and Senators, who participated in the January 6th,2021 Insurection, should all be removed from office in one way or another. In the end they just ignored congressional law and government law and tried to overtun our way of government. We don’t need these people in office.
  9. As to affairs of state, regarding Russia and other countries that are trying to expand their borders at the cost of free people, America must show a force of some kind other than words alone. Putin does not understand diplomancy folks, he listens to force.
  10. If America wants to be a leader and held in high esteeem, we must say what we mean and prove it by what we do each day.
  11. The Southern Border Crisis, must be handled correctly and it must be done soon.The incoming migrants are too many even for our country to withstand. In order for us to survive we must limit the number allowed in and do it soon.
  12. I have heard comments left and right, on Kamala Harris’s performace as Vice President. Some are like well people wanted a woman, have no place even in the discussion. Secondly, She is the Vice President not the President, and if she doesnt make any decisions folks, Biden does. Wake up, Harris is in a learning process she knows it and so do we.
  13. In the end let me say this to the American People as a whole, who ever invented and came up with this woke movement bullshit can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, in my opinion. Your whole woke movement is the laughing stock of many intellectuals and educated people and in the end, while you can say what you wish and cause pain and anger, you can’t change people and how they really are.

I survived 2021 even though my wife did not folks, if you or anyone else in America want to do something serious and helpful for mankind in the world, find a cure or solution to cancer, Please!

Also lets eradicate Covid in anyway we can and try to make the world a better place for all to live in! Lets move forward tackle what needs done and in the end do it as one nation united. 2022 is here for all of us very shortly a matter of hours now, let stay positive, lets accomplish some things for all, like Healthcare for all Americans. 2022 should be a hopefull and positive experience for all Americans. Happy 2022 folks, I wish all the best!

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