What shall 2022 bring for me?

2022, is here and I spent the night alone last night trying to figure out how I got this damn cold that is almost killing me constantly. I survive of course afater nights of hacking and coughing away for hours at a time. Wasn’t what I had planned on for sure to start the New Year, but at 65 what more can you do when your a widower.

Well New Year I hope a new outlook on life and I am hoping the house gets sold in Connecticut sometime soon. In the meantime i have to do things i have never had to do before, like pay my own bills and struggle through. Life is going to be getting used to doing it all on mine own again, since my wife passed.

Next I need to adjust to a new State in Massachuetts, that I am living in and keep searching for my own place to live now. I have to bring all my finances to Mass next so it will mean, setting up accounts in a bank up here, then transferring my deposits I get up here and then transfer all my funds.

Then I have set up all new payments for the bills i will have up here and still pay the ones down there till the house is sold. It gets confusing believe me. I just hope i can handle it all on my own. I just want a life of my own, but, I want to not be a burden for anyone, till I die.

Anyway 2022 is now underway I am hoping fora better life and an easier one, but time will tell. Moving to Mass up here will be something I have already started to do, MY only quwation is what do I wish to live in a condo or a mobile home. If I do the condo, it will defintely cost a lot more for the proces up here are not cheap on anything. If I do a Mobile Home then I need to come up with the down payment and get loan for the remainder somewhere.

I know no matter what I do, I will not be able to be as close to my sister as i was in Connecticut, She lives in a beautiful town in a big old house with a swimming pool and more, and has plenty of friends around her. Myself on the other hand really have no one I know up here, that I can rely on, for anything. So living alone will be rough experience and i hope I can handleit emotionally and mentally. I always had my wife for 28 years, now I have no one really, so time shall tell how long I can last alone now in an unfamiliar area.

Well, 2022 I hope will be a better year for me than the last one was. Hopefully once I settle in, I wil be looking for things to do pf course and hopefully be meeting others. I just hope I will be ok.

Anyway, I know I must now get the process fully underway in all areas. I just hope and pray I can do this and live on my own and not burden anyone at all. Time shall tell.

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