Another Disapppointing Season, in Viking’s history!

January 3rd, 2022, has arrived and once again, the demise and dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings as football team has become apparent for all to see. Look i have been a die-hard Viking Fan since their early days in the 1960’s, I saw them make the appearances in the Superbowls but never win. I still backed them till today and i was five years old when I started and am 65 now.

Every NFL season, the same happens in Minnesota, they get rated as a possible playoff contender, and they make trades and draft player like other squads do too. The problem is the Vikings, don’t seem to even pay attention to what they really need, instead of what they think they need.

So, lets discuss the current situation in MInnesota now. The Viking spent millions on certain positions, and in the end they got zilch in retrun for their money. Case in point, I don’t care what the numbers say, Quaterback Kirk Cousins is not a superstar who can lead them in tough games to victories they need each year and he is overpaid. He lacks the ability to lead and come up big when needed. They need a Quarterback who can not only throw the ball, but who is also able to manuver and run when needed.

Next Problem in Minnesota Viking land is the current Head Coach sad to say, and i was oringinally a major fan of Mike Zimmer. Yet, his coaching style is lackluster at best, and secondly his decision making at times sucks. His job is to prepare his team to win each and every game they enter, he fails at this, because he uses the same schemes every game they are in and teams know it well.

Third problem in MInnesota, and this is a question for the ownership there, is it ok to bea runner up all the time an dmiss the playoffs each year and show no improvement over the past year? I remind the Owner of the Vikings, the way to being a better football team and winning a Superbowl should be the way you should be heading. Yet, you let things sit and no changes get done at all. I know you spend money on trades to improve the team, but much of it has been a loss foryou in the end. You want to win, pick the right problems to fix. Coach, Quaterback, Cornerbacks are needed. As can be noted by the past in the NFL and Superbowl HIstory shows, it is not a high priced QuarterBack that wins it all.

Every year I watch the Vikings game after game, lose due to the same reasons, an interception, or they give up the long ball for a touchdown.One season they had the highest scoring offense in the league and still couldn’t get to the Superbowl, why because you are not paying attention to the parts of the team you need to win it all. iT’s sad really, and i wil always bea Viking fan, because I am no trader and never would be, but, I do tire of how each year you fall from contention to out of the playoff race period.

I remember teams under Bud Grant, the Purple People Eaters, Playing in the cold, and getting to the playoffs and Superbowl too. AT least under him there was discipline and control of the team. I remember players some forget, Joe Kapp, and many more who gave their all for the purple and gold but were not able to win the Superbowl, but in the 1960s, the Vikings never quit, never gave up and always played hard till the last second of every game, win or lose. What happened to the team pride of that era of Viking’s History I ask?

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