Have a Good Day All!

January 7th, 2022, Yesterday I had to go to Connecticut, and transfer my funds to a new bank here in Massachuetts. While, there I made a stop by my wife’s grave to speak to her, and to say hello and good-bye for the moment. Everytime I do so I end up standing there and crying over her death and passing. I speak to her as if she was with me while there, through my tears, and find I have to buck myself up to leave and live on. 28 years with her was happy, content time and we supported and helped each other everyday we were together. God Bless her fully and keep her comfortable until I join her. Yes I still grieve her passing, all these months later.

Anyway, January 7th, 2022 has arrived and snow has found us here. It falls in tiny flacks today, and colored the ground and tress in white, making it look like it is a pure new beggining on the planet. We have covid with us of course, as all in the world do, we have an economy slowly recovering in America, jobs are growing slowler than expected also. We seem to be slowly recovering as a nation, even if we would like it to be faster.

Will we ever be able to recover our democracy and republic to what it was before January 6th, 2021? How many hearings andchanges in law and convictions shall it take to straighten out the whole mess it caused. I want to say one thing before people throw their hands up and scrream and shout and attack my blog here, and I say this clear to all- AT NO TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY HAS AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT, INCITED AN INSURECTION AGAINST HIS OWN COUNTRY AND FORM OF GOVERNMENT WITH THE EXCEPTION OF DONALD J TRUMP!

I know many will try to defend Trump for doing so, because he lost the election to Biden, in a landslide way. He just wanted to hang onto the Power of The Presidency folks period, he didn’t do anything proper with it and accomplished zero while in office. His greed and avarice and his lack of mental brainpower and knowledge mad ehim fail.

That said, I see that the January 6th, Committee is pursuing Trump and his children and his associates fully. I hope to see Donald J. Trump Charged for Inciting the Insurection and more as time goes forward. I hope his childrfen get charged and convicted too. The damage the Trump Administration and Donald J. Trump himself has done to American Democracy and The Republic we live in is such a large amount, we shall be lucky if we recover in 3 Presidential Terms after he is gone.

Some want to blame Biden for a lot Trump is soley responisable for, just stop ok. Biden took onthe Presidency after a man who was acting like a tyrant, a dictator and a fool. It is hard to clean up messes of people who have no idea what they were doing while in charge. Don’t come tell me how Trump built his wall either, thats crap, the border is still open today. The only thing Trump got done folks wa shos tax plan to benefit himself and the rich not you or I. I am watching for the results and what happens in New York to the Trump Organization and in Washington too and legal circles.

Next subject, The NFL’s final weekend of games will be upon us starting tomorrow for the regular season. I am disappointed on certain teams who fell apart this season and i know changes will be coming to many teams, over the offseason for sure. Even if I am fully disappointed in my team I favor and support, it is now apparent they have to reset their whole organization, so no crying in spilled milk for me there.

The Playoffs will start not this weekend but the following since the season was expanded by one game. The WildCard Games will come first guys and gals. Nad once they finish we shall see the better teams hit the playoffs and head toward the next Superbowl. It is a Playfoff and Superbowl time that excited and pleases me to see. I always love playoff NFL Football! Just me folks.

I have NFL Fever this time of year, I follow my Vikings but they are a mess and fail and kill themselves each season. Then, In Baseball I follow The Red Sox of course have all my life. The Boston Celtics I love also and will watch their record and season as they go. I do love sports folks.

Anyway, as my 65th year alive is beggining to come to it’s end, I try to stay positive and move ahead in time and find a new place for myself, I may struggle, I may stumble, but I shall keep going. I am looking forward to finding a new place to live, and to settling in and meeting new people and learning new things. I hope at sometime I can get into a 55 plus community, make new friends and find things to do again. I am praying 2022 will bring hope, and for me happiness and comfort as i move on. Have a Good Day All!

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