Differences in people, and what can unite!

Ever notice certain thing are what people get drawn to, pat attention to or get vocal about? There are many of course for people vary in what they believe in for different reasons. Each of us are raised in different enviroments, by different parents who believed different things correct?

Ok, some of us are taught religion is the way to go, and it doesn’t matter what color skin you have or nationality, it is what you are raised to be. Some shun religion and end up going political and end up either extreme right, or extreme left. Then you have the moderates on each side or progressives of each side too.

We have radicals, we have passifices, we have violent people and joyful people too.So what makes all of us go the ways we do and become who we are, influnences by those we love growing up, and those who raise and protect us daily, mom, dad, grandma,grandpa, etc. Family life is what makes each kid who they are, and eventually who we grow up to be. The enviroment one grows up in and the ones who teach us or abuse us as we grow determine who we become as adults, period.

Some of us fight back against the violence of physical abuse we recieved as children and the verbal and mental abuses too and overcome. Some of us fall to it all and become violent ourselves, or so mentally abused we lose track of what is real, and start l ashing out at others and hurting all around us. Time will only tell us as we grow older what we have become.

I submit that some of the greatest minds, personalities, out there in humankind, fought back and overcame and became beloved, and looked up to because they did so. It is a fact of life, and they should be lauded and celebrated for all they accomplish in life.

For those who have fallen or succumbed to the pressures, mental abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse, and have not fully recovered or overcome, I suggest, instead of going with the flow you were given, find help and change it. There Are Doctors, Clinics, and much more all the way up to institutions, that can help you overcome. Some believe in medicating, some believe in theraphy sessions and other things. Just let me say this, if you seek help, then you are going the right direction. All of us, need help at some point in our lives, don’t be afraid to seek it and accept it, use it to better yourself and your position in life and move ahead.

I have a belief and many do not get it today in modern world terms, across the globe and in The USA. I happen to believe in Military Service for all. I dont care which sex you are, if you lack the ability to conform, the ability to control yourself, and need discipline and to get educated more and learn how to get along with other join a branch of service. The USA Military Service can save your life and give you direction you may need. PLus you serve your country for a while, you learn to respect others and get along with others at all times, and you learn that all are on an equal basis in the world and it doesn’t matter what your skin color is, your sex or anything else. All get treated the same and all must conform and work together to survive.

Just my belief is all, and what few get is the MIlitary takes care of it’s own also. I did it, andi am proud of my time in service to my country. I served in The Army, Army National Guard and then the US NAVY. I am proud of doing so and always will be, I was injuried aboard a ship due to a fall, but, I will never regret my service ever. I love my country. As one President said, You are not patriotic if you follow a President, You Are Patriotic if you follow your country and fight for it!

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