MY WildCard Predictions/ NFL and Brief Review on my life in 2022.

January 11th, 2022, I am shortly going to enter my 66th year on this planet. Unbelievable to me really, for I honestly never thought I would get past 40. Yet here I am and still kicking, struggling to survive and trying to find a way to move on from my wife’s passing. We all suffer loses folks, and losing my wife was a large one for me. Just saying. I have good days and bad days too, now and I know no matter what I must carry on, for I am still here.

Enough on that subject for now, doesn’t help to keep reviewing and going over the whole thing again and again. Now, I must sell the home we had in Connecticut and move on as soon as possible to a new location and home here in Massachuetts, where i am currently staying. I need a decent place to live in a 55 plus community, I can afford and be comfortable in, alone. I have looked at condos, I have looked at manufactured homes also. At this time all depends on what I can get for the house in Connecticut and how soon it shall sell. I am lowering the price tag on it already here in January of 2022, no choice really under the current market.

Next, subject bill payments must be made for electric and oil to the old house to keep it going for sale. Then my car payments and other items come up. I will pay on all of them of course and keep myself alive for future endeavers and living.

I have many interersts as far as the future go, finding a decent 55 plus community that is safe, is one. A place to park my car off street, a full bathroom, a living room, eat in kitchen area and I think two bedrooms would be perfect for me. One Bedroom to sleep in and one for an office. I have been told of single and double wide mobile homes and condos too, the prices are wide these days, so picking what I want will be vital to my future. I am not going to worry about, what someone else thinks I should buy or do at this point, I need to examine all options and save my money as I go along. I do know I have no interest in shoveling or plowing snow period, nor unless I must, I have no interest in cutting or mowing lawns. I am 65 gonna be 66 soon, I did my time doing these things already. I am not interested in doing a lot of maintenance on a home or property.

So now it is time to really start a massive search for a place to live and to decide on what I want where soon enough. I can’t rush anything, but I am willing to sell the home in Connecticut at a fair price for me. Time shall tell how it goes.

I have been asked if I am interested in dating or relationships, right now not really. I lost a wife I loved for 28 years 5 months ago yesterday. It still hurts and I am still grieving her in my own way. Will I ever be looking for a partner/ woman again, I have no idea right now, I do know if I do it will be as a companion first and foremost. Even Widowers get lonely folks, believe me!

What else can I say at this point? Well I am still and will always be a big NFL Fan and the Playoff Season is upon us soon. I watched the Chargers, Raiders game that ended the season and I was amazed and enjoyed it big time. It was not only entertaining, it was a well played contest.

Now entering the Playoff Rounds, it is time to examine the games coming up.

  1. Raiders vs Bengals- While I personally favor the Bengals here, this game will be determined by who can run the ball and control the clock. If i am right it will be a close game with the Bengals winning by 3.
  2. Patriots vs Bills- Round three begins between two teams who are hungry here. While the Bills won the division, the real question is can Allen for the Bills eliminate turnovers and still move the offense and score. I expect this game to come down to the fourth quarter, since it is in Buffalo, the Bills, by 7.
  3. Eagles vs. Buccaneers- in Tampa and at home, the Bucs should win this easily, but, you never know, because the Eagles play is up and down and how will the Playoffs be for either team. Experience goes to Brady and company and i believe so does the defensive side of the ball. I would take Tampa by 10 here.
  4. 49ers vs Dallas- This could be an interesting game if the 49ers play will and have no turnovers. San Fran hasa decent lineup on both sides of the ball and can be a physical team. Dallas has offensive and defensive weapons also, but, if I were to pick a upset game this one may be it. I know it is in Dallas, but, 49ers, havea good chance here. I say a very close game here, and I think 49ers.
  5. Steelers vs Chiefs- While The Steelers got in by backing in really, the Chiefs are legimate as a team and power in the NFL. Can the Steelers stop Mahomes and his offense, I doubt it. As to Rothesburger and the Pittsburgh Offense they face a very stiff Kanas City Denfense in this game. I don’t expect a blowout in this one, so I would take Kanas City by 10.
  6. Cardinals vs Rams- Monday final WIldCard Weekend Game. This may be the best contest of the whole WildCard Playoffs. The Cardinals are for real folks and if they have zero turnovers and get their running game going they stand one hell of a chance against the Rams. Now as to the Rams, whether they win or lose this game will depend on their offense vs the Cardinals defensive unit. My thought here is a very close game determined by a field goal here, and it is areally a toss-up, in my book.

Hows that for WildCard Weekend Predictions folks? Look I am not a Pro, but I do know football and yes upsets can happen and will. So onward into the most crazy and wild Wildcard Weekend we go all! That my friends and blog readers is my predictions in the NFL and a brief review of life as it goes today.

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