Venting some, but in the end I am right! I believe it and, free speech is my right!

I know I am old and not with the woke crowd on many issues, but one thing I am not is stupid or lost and I have lived going on 66 years, very soon. I tire of people putting words into other people’s mouths. or thinking they know better than everyone else in authority. So many people think, Covid is a joke or it doesnt matter these days and they run without masks, and they then get sick, whether it is a common cold or covid and they just keep acting like nothing is wrong. Why is that folks?

Let me say something here and it may not be liked by many, some may object to my saying it, but, in my opinion, those who think covid is a joke, or a fake thing put out by the governement, your wrong and the only way you will change your mind is if you get it, or someone you love gets it and dies. I believe all of us as human beings need to have consideration for others and we need to protect those we love and those around us at all costs. Common consideration and manners are lost in this anger about covid and how to handle it.

I do believe you should have a choice whether to wear a mask or not, it is up to you what chances you take with your own life, but what about those around you where you go shopping, or to drink or dance or sing or the movies in public facilities and businesses? Let me ask you non-maskers and deniers of covid, a simple question, do you care about other people more than you care about yourself or are you so damn selfish and foolish you don’t care? It’s a simple question isn’t it? I understand you don’t like wearing a mask in public, you believe you had covid once and you have antibodies in your system, but I remind you the numbers are growing of people who have been vaccinationed or had covid before, who are ending up in hospitals or dying. Why do you think that is? It’s simple, people don’t want to wear masks because they don’t want to be bothered because they had covid right, they are worried about what they look like, or that they have to pull the mask up or down when eating. It’s bullshit really. Many will cry and complain and put me down and make fun of me for what I am saying, but stop being so damn vain and worried about what you look like when you wear a mask, or have to pull it up or down in circumsatnces. You being vain and not wearing a mask lets a virus that can kill sprerad faster and kill more people, when it hits the people you love or are friends with you will begin to think it over. I pray you don’t lose a family member or husband or wife to covid or even a friend for if they die, who’s responisible?

I know Uncle Sam says that covid virus was created in a lab in China, that doe not mean we just let it run rabid through the world’s population, or do we. Who really believes this crap of let the covid virus go and learn to live with it? Do you really beleve that, if you do, you need to wake up. People are sick and it is spreading all variants, and it is only a matter or time till it hits someone you love, a friend, family member or you. When it does, don’t blame China, don’t blame Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or Dr. Fauci, take a look in the mirror and ask your self, why didn’t I listen, why didn’t I at least be more aware of what I was doing and those around me, and how did you get it ultimately simple you didn’t vaccinate, you didn’t wear a mask, you bucked the system and the way you were told to do things, because you think they are violating your rights. They aren’t folks, they are not running you down, slapping a mask on you or fining you for not wearing one. They can’t, we are a free society and have our personal right I know. but in the end, people are dying and you could be next, wake up please.

Here is a second subject for all to listen to, I think. Why is everyone blaming Biden for the economy? The man is President for a few days over a year, you really think he caused this inflation in a little over a year? No he didn’t! The inflation we are experiencing was there under Trump and grew out of what Trump did , wake up. Trump pased his tax package for him and all the rich not you or me. He didn’t build the wall he promised either and in the end he did not really accomplish a damn thing in four years in office. The truth is the truth here and who else as President, was Impeached Twice in one term in Office? Who tried to tell people to drink bleach or inject themselves with it to beat covid? Who, failed to expediate the covid vaccines and put them out on time. Trump is who? It’s a sad tale when I hear people blaming everyone for things Trump did or did not do. BIden is trying and he makes more sense than Trump ever will in my book. I don’t argue politics on a normal basis, why because the conservative side backing Trump goes crazy when you hit them with facts, they run, they scream , they raise their arms and hands. and they defend a man who was a twice Impeached President and is a walking criminal in more ways than one. It’s sad to see, what did Donald J. Trump do to deserve such a following and what about those who are now going to jail, for doing the Insurection and riot Trump told them to? I bet they are happy now laying in jail! Ask them if they still believe in what Trump told them to do when they get released and can’t get a decent job in their future. It’s sad tale to her a and watch really, for they all should have realized what they were doing storming the capital, but they didnt, it called a frenzy they went through. Sadly, as they go to jail for listening to Trump, Trump sits in Mar a Lago playing golf and eating like a king on our tax dollars still. Wake up please!

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