Americans ,we are so self -destructive, we have to stop allowing it to happen!

As winter blasts all of us now in New England the New Year of 2022 continues on. We hide in out homes, try to stay warm and all of us know it costs us more each year. Heating oil, gas goes up, food goes up,, healthcare is crazy and in the end so are taxes. Now many think it all is caused by one President, one Administration in the White House it isn’t folks. Listen please, unless you get the Senate to work as one unit and The House also, things stagnate and we get deeper into debt and our economy slumps.

Snow will come and go and so will the cold here in New England for us all. The economy is never one man’s fault, nor is healthcare or food or fuel costs. A lot of the blame belongs on The Senate, and The house of Representatives as they bargin or fail to bargin over our future. In the meantime the economy keeps hitting hihgh inflation levels, fuels go up and food and healthcare. Let me say this to all, if Congress asa whole both the Senate and house can insure they have affordable healthcare, and decent saleries, why can’t they do the same for all Americans?

I tire of people complaining of the fact healthcare is not affordable anymore. Whyis it other nations can provide their citizens, healthcare coverage, but out won’t or think they can’t? Whats wrong with sending a team of Senators and Repressentatives to Canada and studying their system and then briinging it to America for all of us here? Are the Canadians smarter than we are on this one?

Why can’t political pressure be put on the oil producing, gas producing nations and companies to lower fuels prices for all Americans? What is wrong with this picture folks? Ever wonder why, our leaders refuse to change and make things better for us, but in the end they still get raises and healthcare coverage of their own. Why?

MItch McConnell, McCarthy and other Republicans are blocking anything and everything put forth.Why? Listen you can play your little political games in other ways that don’t affect the average American’s healthcare, food costs, fuel costs and more, if you want to, but you are getting richer, collecting big pay checks and sitting around in offices doing not a damn thing, nowadays. Why?

The one won’t pass this bill, that one blocks another bill, McConnell mouths off about the President, McCarthy won’t cooperate with the Jan. 6th, Committee and Investigation and they get away with it all, why? Why are the American people not rising up and forcing these politicians to act and make it right for all of us? Please tell me folks!

Let me say this, what does McCarthy have to fear and why won’t he testify about January 6th, 2021 and his conversations with Donald J. Trump? What does Trump have on Lyndsey Graham, and MCCarthy and others? It is to me very suspicious that these men, back Trump and refuse to talk period. Why are they hiding what they know? Simple folks, they had some kind ofinput to the Riot/ Insurrection themselves, that is why you run and hide when questioned like this. OTherwise whats the reason for not answering the questions, they know they will perjure themselves and be liable under the law is why! They are all lawyers, period. One thing any Lawyer will tell you, they protect themselves from ligigation and legal charges in anyway they can. So the game goes on, protecting Trump, refusing to testify or talk and hiding as they do in public sight.

Here is a good one for all to hear and listen to, as OathKeepers, and others face charges for the January 6th, attack on the Capital, and they go to jail by big numbers, Trump sits having steaks and potatos and veggieson America’s dime in Mar a Largo, Floridia. I wonder how all of these people who were arrested, charged and now convicted will feel when they are released and their lives are in ruin, because Trump told them to storm the Capital of his own Governement? Someone tell me why a twice Impeached Ex-president of the United States is allowed to give speeches, against our governemnt, collect a pension from out Governement, when he set up the attack on our Governement himself? How is this possible in America?

I watch the news daily and let me say this before I go any further. The news reports all different versions of everything that happens/ In the end CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and more all have different insights and ways ofpresenting it all. None tell the truth alone, some add to the stories they report, some politisize the stories they tell and some just lie and get away ith it all. Why? Why is there no censureship on the news these days? It’s a sad world we live in when people can get on Television yell, scream and rant and point at the President of The United States and call his stupid, or slow or say he has no idea what he is doing! This does not help the current population of the United States in anyway, does it? I think not! Certain Media Outlets/ Television Stations should be sued for what they produce and call news, it isn’t news it editorials being spoken on television to sway the population the way they want it to go. You have facts you can back up with evidence ok, no evidence and facts, stop.

I have now heard of the woke movement, and I disagree with it period. It is bullshit, you can’t change human nature and facts to make you look good, it doesn’t work.

Anyway I cover many topics in my blogs, from health issues, to the price of it too. To education issues, political issues, covid and the econonmy. OIl Prices and wars and even elections when they are up and active. I will say this here and now, anyone who would back a Twice impeached president to run again is lost. Anyone who would back a twice losing Presidentail Canidate is lost too. Neither Clinton nor Trump should be anywhere the White House or the Office of President. Anyone saying otherwise needs to wake up, look at the facts and realize neither is good for the country or any of us.

MY final question for today is this: How Far will the American People allow the Senate, and The Houseof Represenatives go and get away with all they are not doing, before you react out there? The best way to change it all and get some results is to hold each politician who is in Washington, that we the people pay, accountable and make them do their jobs for us, the American People. If they don’t they should be removed from office an dthe blockage in Washington must end! The only way we can control it, improve it and make things happen is by voting, Vote Them Out if they keep blocking and supporting Trump too. We are the greatest nation on the planet, yet we are also so self destructive, we have to stop allowing it to happen!

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