Health and NFL WildCard Round begins, Predications.

Ok, living after my wife died, has been a day to day affair for me. I slowly slipped away from worrying about my own health, and it wasn’t good for me at all. I stopped using my CPAP machine for a while and noticed I was getting headaches and heart problems from it all. I would get pressure in my chest and headaches and sit down and suddenly doze off and pop back quickly.

So I was trying to decide what was wrong me with, when I went back to my CPAP useage last night. I am hoping it is what part or all of the probem is in fact. Time shall tell now.

Next subject, Today starts the NFL WildCard Playoffs at 4;30 pm est here. The new format runs through Saturday, Sunday and into Monday. It is new for all fans, and it should be some good games to see.

  1. Raiders vs, Bengals- After seeing the Raiders come back against the Chargers to win, I sawa great game. The Bengals have not been in the playoffs in years, but neither have the Raiders. Performance wise The Raiders look better at this date and time, but anything can happen. In the end if the game is close I wouldm take the Raider,s but if the Bengals Offense is on the Bengals will win. Close game I believe, take the Bengals by 3, here.
  2. The Patriots vs, the Bills- The Patriots and coaches have a advantage here in Playoff experience, but the Bills are slowly building a new dynasty in Buffalo. Who has the better Defense here will win I believe, the Bills havea decent denfense and a really good chance here at home. Josh Allen is a great QB and is mobile, and they can produce a running game. I say Bill’s by seven, if The Bills Front four get the Mac Jones three time sin this game.
  3. Sunday, the First game is Eagles vs Buccaneers- This game can get interesting if the Eagles can get to Tom Brady. But if they can’t expect Brady to throw up 28 points here. All will depend on the Eagles Defense, because the Bucs defense will get to Hurts and stop the run game. Buccaneers by 14 I say.
  4. 49ers vs, Cowboys- Advantage Cowboys for home field here. Prescott is pretty solid as is the Cowboys denfense these days. Running game may favor the 49ers though and can the QB for San Fran, hold up in the playoffs? I say since it is in Dallas, Cowboys but 10 here!
  5. Steeler vs Chiefs in KC- Chiefs have Mahomes and a damn good defense, Steelers are a Surprise in the playoffs. Rothelsburger can still throw, but not run. Steelers do have running backs and a Defense too. Based on the KC Defense here, and Mahomes, I think KC wins here by 14.
  6. Cardinals vs Rams-In LA of course here so that give the Rams home firld advantage. The Cardinals have proven themselves to be better on the road then in their home. Stafford has helped the Rams since he was traded to them. He is a much better signal caller and passer the Goff was. The Rams defense always shows up big. The Cardinals are a very good team offensively and defensively too. This could be the upset game of these WildCard games. I am thinking Kyler Murray plays great and runs for some yardage, and then throws for 300 yeards here. I will go out on a limb here and say Cardinals in an upset here by 7.

NFL Football has been a passion of mine since I was five and watching it with my step-father growing up. It is the players and the strageties that win games here. Which is why teams like The Patriots, Cowboys, Chiefs, and Buccaneers have advantages in these games. Biut every now and then a big upset happens, and this may be one of thise years they happen in the Wildcard Round.

When the y reach The Divisional Round it wil be interesting to see who goes to Green Bay and Tennesee. For both teams look good and strong and ready unless injuries or covid strike them. It is about to becaome one wild playoffs for all to enjoy. Enjoy Folks who love the NFL and all Fans I will.

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