Remember, You don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to someone else.

Sunday has arrived folks? January 16th, 2022, amazingly I am still alive and here. I swear to God I always thought, I would be gone by 40 years old, yet I am still kicking. So far I have lived with many things wrong with me and survived, it is really surprising to me.

That said, life is still going on around me. It’s like a daily soap opera really. Something different or stupid happens ora force of nature and wham, the world gets excited for a few moments in time, then it fades and another happens. Who’s marrying whom, who’s breaking up with whom, who gave the covid virus to whom, how did covid come into being? I tell you the world is like a big soap opera and we all star in it for a few miniutes at different times.

Sounds crazy right, but it rreally isn’t. Mankind is the only being in the world that not only tries to better itself, but also works to destroy itself and the planet we live on too. Why? But it happens and history will show it all to you if you study it.

Adam and Eve, even, they were given the world asa paradise and specifically told not to do things. Then, tempted by a snake Adam picks an apple and bam, the world changes for them both. Religious in ature yes, but it still shows mankind can even destroy paradise, can’t we?

Historically, nations and countries and kingdoms rise and fall. Why Greed, Avariice, Hatered, Jealousy, all exist in our souls. We want more than everyone else around us and we push it, till it rips and makesa mess all over the place. One man covets anothers woman. one woman may covet another’s man, then we have sexual orientations to worry about, politics, economics, healthcare, viruses and so much more. We tend to change things we shouldn’t and we tend to go from one extreme to the other to do so. It’s a mess called mankind and humanity run amok really.

I see whites, blacks, hispanics and orientals all equal in this world. Yet, all fight among themselves fora piece of the pie so to say, it’s normal for mankind to do. Yet, in the end is it normal, to hate someone for their skin color, or nationality, or sexual preference? Is it normal to talk about other races, colors and nationalities in derogotory natures? Not really, we do so because we are taught top as we grow up. Stop and think about it, would you still hate a person different then you if you grew up with them, side by side? I say this because there are some facts Human Kind tend to ignore in this area.

  1. All humans regardless of nationality, race or color, do the exact same things daily and nightly. We all must wake up, we all must eat, deficate, urinate and wipe our own asses.
  2. We all bleed red when our blue blood inside us hits the air we breath and is oxygenated.
  3. We all work to achieve comfort and affordabily and ask for equal treatment.
  4. We all fornicate and produce children if we are straight sexually, if people are gay they adopt if they want.
  5. Wheither man or woman, we all have the same needs for food, air, love and health too.

Now let me say this, we have been warring between the nationalities and the races and colors now forever on this planet. We try to get more than we should instead of sharing and just getting what we need. We have gluttony, we have jealousy, we have envy all built into us. We have predijuce and discrimination, and we don’t even understand why we have it. Whites, blacks, hispanics, orientals, asians, what ever you are, wake up, mankind is mankind and we are in this all together.

I care not, what your color, race or nationality is, I do care if you respect me, I do care that you treat me decent and use manners as needed. I do care that I don’t have to fight a racial war or any kind of war anymore. I served my country, these United States of America for 16 years folks. I served with men and women of all nationalities and races and colors. We strove to do our duty side by side, sweated, toiled and all under the same rules and regulations and the Military Code of Justice. We signed up to defend our country and we all did it with pride. What makes anyone think in time of defense or war, we are any different than the man or woman who stands besides us and fights the same battle no matter what color, nationality or race or sex you may be? Your not folks, and those who hate without reason other than what their parents or friends taught them, are just dead wrong. Racism, Predijuce, Discrimination, Jealousy, Greed, Gluttony, Avarice, all destroy us as human beings. Yes there will be times when there are reasons, but there is still no right to hurt, maime, kill or destroy another human being. no one has the right to take another persons right to live, be free and do so in their own ways. Remember you don’t want someone doing it to you, don’t do it to someone else.

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