Will Answers ever come, from Government Sources?

I have a interest in certain events that took place in the 1960’s. Now why is simple, when you a child as i was, being the fact I was born in 1956, when November 22nd, 1963 occurred, I was in Elementary School, and our teacher had brought a small tv in to watch John F. Kennedy in Texas. The idea was to educate us in politics and history in the making. It did for me, but not in the way, our teacher thought for sure.

I am not really a political animal, I am middle of the road actually and have beliefs on both sides of the political spectrum so to say. What I don’t approve of is extremist on either side.

Now when it comes to the President John F. Kennedy Assasination, I became intriqued in who did it investigations and Congressional Hearings and theories on it all.

I threw out the Warren Commision because it was politically motivated and had too many unanswered questions, in the biggest who done it mystery in the world, still to this day. The main question I always ask, is why would the American Governement lock away records from an Investigation of an American President, foras minimum of 50 years? And why do they continually, release small amounts of documents, but not all for all to see?

Then I went on myself reading, looking at and trying to figure out what happened on my own. I went the Lone Assasin Theory of Oswald, The Mafia Connection, The Cuban Connection and much more. In the end i was still mystified, so I went deeper on my own, trying to explain to myself, what happened and who may have really did it all.

When you stop and think about it all, President Kennedy had many enemies period. People who thought or believed he had basically turned on or changed his mind on, or betrayed in someway.

John Kennedy’s father made deals with the Mob to get his son elected. Then Fidel Castro and The Bay of Pigs. Vice President Johnson is points at some too. There were and are so many theories period on who killed JFK. I have seen them all believe me, and the Committees too. Start with the Warren Report, then years later The Church Committee, then a third Commitee after that and then slow releasing of documents associated with the case. In the end who really killed John F. Kennedy folks, do we know for sure?

I think not and i don’t think the American Governement will ever release all documents on the Assasination that occurred on November 22nd, 1963. We have video of it and we have investigations with hidden or not realeased information, so why?

I want to say this here and now, what I found were theories to cover truths in this case, but facts are very sketchy and well hidden in all Reports or results. In the end though The last two Committees that investigated this, found a conspiracy was real in JFK’s Assasination, Martin Luther KIng’s Assasination and yes Robert F. Kennedy’s Assasination also. So why is the American Government hiding information and not allowing anyone to talk regarding it now? What fears do they have really.

My conclusion and opinion is simple really, Lee Harvy Oswald if he pulled the trigger would have never hit Kennedy from the Texas Book Depository. What I saw in real time that day asa child, showed me from my own sight, Kennedy was shot in triangular pattern from at least three positions. It wa sindeed a conspiracy to get rid of him. Now the guestion is who was really behind it, The mob could have been they had the shooters and weapons and knowledge. Fidel Castro is out in my mind, for he just would not take that chance, Cuba’s existance was at stake if he did. Did the CIA play a part, maybe for they were there and on the railroad tracks and Grassy Knoll. What is important to remember here is this, who ever killed JFK, wheither MOB, Castro, Bay of Pigs Members, or Lee Harvey Oswald, had connections, information and the ability to set up the whole affir and the following murder too. The same folks, who eliminated JFK, eliminated MLK and RFK too. Fear drives people, fear of what these people could do if in power and each were inline to assume power at sometime. So, who is still a question is it not?

Final thought here, I have my beliefs as to who committed these Assasinations and why Marilyn Monroe was killed and by who also. In my own ways, I did my own look into all of it, because it changed America and it changed the world for all of us. America spun on all of these deaths and the 1960’s became the largest murder mystery headquarters in the world, due to it all. Will the United States Governement ever reveal all and let us know the truth? I doubt it, but half for me is knowing I did my own investigation and reading and understand for myself, people were scared or JFK, MLK, RFK, and even Edward Kennedy too. The Kennedy’s were scared of Monroe speaking and revealing their affairs with her. And if you stop to think about it, why is it all so connected and who knew it all, may tell you the answers, as to who did it all!

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